Enjoy 5-Star Accommodation Surrounded by a Wildlife Paradise Where once the term “safari” was used to describe any overland journey undertaken in Africa, today, it is a word that, in most minds, conjures images of elephants and rhinos drinking at a waterhole, or a pair of lions in pursuit of their next meal. Today, the game hunter has been largely replaced by tourists of almost every nationality, each armed with a Nikon, a Canon or a Pentax, and all eager to catch a glimpse of one or more of the fabled Big 5 in their natural habitat.

Finding the Perfect Game Lodge to Experience the Big 5 First coined by the big game hunters who stalked their prey among the various countries of southern Africa, the term “big 5” has since become popular throughout the world. Today, the prospect of a stay in a game lodge and the chance to witness one or more of the five in their natural habitat has developed an appeal amongst tourists and wildlife enthusiasts that is almost universal. While poaching continues to be a serious problem in South Africa, the country has achieved more than most in its efforts to improve the security of reserves and to provide a habitat in which these magnificent creatures can continue to thrive in comparative safety.

Some Interesting Things You Should Know About Fifty Seven Waterberg Perhaps the first thing to know is that, while our lodge employs the number 57 in our web address, our official name is Fifty Seven Waterberg and this too is only our newest title. Formerly known as the MolenVliet Lodge, the one feature that can never be changed is our magnificent location in the Limpopo province at the heart of the Welgevonden Game Reserve. Translated from the Dutch, the reserve’s name means “well found” and all of those travellers who take a little time to experience this picturesque and fascinating region are certain to agree.

Hi, I am Simon Bjaloane, lodge manager and guide at Fifty Seven Waterberg. I've been a guide in the Waterberg region for over 10 years and with the lodge specifically, for 6 years. This is a short blog where I will post monthly photos and news from the bush. I hope...