The Welgevonden Game Reserve – A Great Find

The Welgevonden Game Reserve – A Great Find

The Welgevonden Game Reserve – A Great Find

Undoubtedly, the great Kruger National Park, one of the biggest, most iconic game reserves in the world, comes to mind when people speak of South African game parks. However, there are considerably more game conservancy areas than just the Kruger, and to an extent, we like it that way at Fifty Seven Waterberg, our private game lodge that is situated within the wonderful Welgevonden Game Reserve in the province of Limpopo in South Africa.

Private Game and Conservancy Reserve

Welgevonden Game Reserve is a conservancy-focused reserve, where the animals have never been hunted. Consequently, other than possessing their natural caution of other species, the game in Welgevonden don’t feel threatened by the presence of humans. This allows visitors to select game lodges to experience the diverse wildlife species at remarkably close quarters during guided game drives on open, all-terrain game-viewing vehicles.

Limited Private Lodge Visitors

Because the game reserve is privately owned, as is Fifty Seven Waterberg, only guests who have confirmed lodge bookings are permitted to enter the area. Visitor numbers are restricted, commensurate with the limited numbers of guests who can be accommodated at our game lodge – ten adults staying in five private chalets.

Diversity of Wildlife and Habitat

The mild to hot climate, rugged, untamed terrain, and diversity of natural features within the Welgevonden Game Reserve make it an ideal habitat for the African game, plant, reptile, and bird species. More than 50 mammal species, as well as more than 300 species of birds, have been recorded in the Welgevonden Game Reserve and the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve – a World Heritage site, of which Welgevonden forms a part.

Best of all and much to the delight of our guests at Fifty Seven Waterberg, the renowned Big 5 members are included in the diverse mammal species of the area (much as they were hundreds of years ago). The Welgevonden Game Reserve has ample space for all of its diverse fauna and flora species, as well as the guests who book their game lodge accommodation at Fifty Seven Waterberg.

Welgevonden’s Background

Originally, Welgevonden was the name of a farm in our part of the Waterberg region. It took the vision and determination of one man, Mr Pienkes du Plessis, to restore the area to its fundamental, untamed natural state and beauty – a vision which he soon shared with the owners of neighbouring farms in the area.

Together, they saw to it that all fences, signs of human occupation, and destruction were removed, thus once again allowing game species to re-establish healthy population numbers in their natural, pristine habitat, which recovered thanks to the efforts of the original farm owners and other concerned and committed parties.

Today, the Welgevonden Game Reserve provides ample space and the ideal habitat for its diversity of fauna and flora species, as well as the guests who book their exclusive, luxury game lodge accommodation at our 5-star establishment in Welgevonden. Contact us today to secure your stay with us.