Waterberg Lodge (Malaria-Free Accommodation)

Waterberg Lodge (Malaria-Free Accommodation)

Experience the Waterberg from Malaria-Free Accommodation in a Luxury Lodge

Despite the concerns that many of us tend to harbour regarding the dangers of creatures such as poisonous snakes, lions, elephants, hippos, rhinos and great white sharks, the tiny mosquito is thought to be responsible for many more human deaths each year than all of these fearsome creatures put together. This has meant that some are unwilling to take a holiday in the bush at all, whilst many others do so but dose themselves with prophylactic medications designed, at least, to limit the risk posed by the bite of an infected, female anopheles mosquito.

Fortunately, there are still a number of malaria-free bushveld areas in South Africa. One such area that consistently attracts large numbers of visitors throughout the year is the Waterberg Mountains and the valley below, in Limpopo. An area of great natural beauty, it offers visitors the choice of obtaining accommodation either at a lodge or a campsite.

For lovers of wildlife, the area offers a rare treat. Part of a much larger biosphere reserve and world heritage site declared by UNESCO in 2001, it is not only home to Africa’s iconic “Big Five”, but also boasts more than 300 species of birds, including several that are unique to the area. While the mountains themselves provide a number of challenges for the keen climber, the red sandstone rocks are replete with innumerable examples of the characteristic rock art created by the Khoikhoi and San tribes that once lived and hunted on the plains to the south of the Waterberg.

Today, both local tourists and visitors from all over the world throng to this malaria-free region, enjoying its flora and fauna, and exploring its primitive past, most often, from comfortable accommodation in a local game lodge. While nearby towns may offer similar facilities, the advantages of having a base in the very midst of the action are obvious. What, therefore, could be better than to spend your nights and enjoy your days in the heart of one of the region’s well-known game reserves?

The Welgevonden Game Reserve derives its name from the Dutch word for “well found” and the same can be said to apply equally to our premises known simply as Fifty Seven Waterberg. An establishment that is a study in 5-star elegance, our combination of a spacious rooms with all the trappings of luxury from king-sized beds and private patios to gourmet dining under the stars, ranks ours as among the best lodge accommodation in the province. Together with the added bonus of an experienced guide, those who book their stay with us can look forward to a uniquely enjoyable, experience in this, beautiful, malaria-free Limpopo reserve.