Luxury Accommodation and Wildlife Experience

Luxury Accommodation and Wildlife Experience

Big 5 Wildlife and Luxury Accommodation

Going on safari to view indigenous wildlife in largely unexplored territory, or setting out on a journey to hunt big game animals for trophy purposes, was nothing new 100 years or so ago. At the turn of the 19th century and during the first 30 or 40 odd years of the 20th century, undertaking an African safari was already all the rage amongst lovers of nature and adventurous travellers who could afford this privilege.

Nothing Simple

From beginning to end, there was nothing simple about these early wildlife safaris. For their time and under the prevailing conditions, they were quite luxurious. Time wasn’t an issue; people were unhurried and took their time during their wildlife excursions, stopping where and whenever they liked, for as long as they chose. Safaris could take many weeks, several months, or the best part of a year.

A wildlife safari was undertaken with a large entourage of bearers, camp assistants who gathered firewood, collected and heated water for hot baths and washing, and accomplished cooks who saw to all meals and refreshments.

The equipment included tents, lanterns, camp beds and bedding, tables, chairs, mosquito nets, pots and pans, buckets, and firearms to hunt for fresh meat for the pot. Most provisions were brought along too, including medicine chests, foodstuffs that wouldn’t spoil, porcelain crockery, glassware and proper cutlery – luxury items that made wildlife safari accommodation and comfort possible, all things considered.

Modern Luxury Accommodation

The Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) star grades establishments that offer guest accommodation and hospitality facilities to public travellers, tourists and holidaymakers. We have 5 stars.

Grading ensures that visitors know what they can realistically expect from graded establishments, which must conform to the minimum standards applicable to each type of hostelry, and the number of stars officially bestowed, accordingly. The higher the number of stars, the more luxury will be provided, as standard.

A set list of standards applies to wildlife or game lodges, which are typically expected to offer luxurious accommodation among their guest amenities and facilities. Fifty Seven Waterberg is a 5-star game lodge in Waterberg’s private Welgevonden Game Reserve, and we’re proud to exceed many of the TGCSA’s relevant accommodation requirements, much to the delight and pleasant surprise of our guests.

We’re located in a picturesque part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site, and the views from our wildlife lodge are stunning. Fifty Seven Waterberg is home to the Big Five, more than 50 wildlife mammal species, and in excess of 300 bird species, so your chances of viewing nature’s creatures in their natural habitat are excellent during expertly guided game drives.

Our accommodation consists of five exceptionally spacious guest suites, each no smaller than 80 square metres, and with outstanding views from within and without, from a private patio. Throughout each suite, attention to detail and the great care in the selection of furnishings and décor elements are apparent. Each room and its en-suite bathroom is an example of understated elegance and opulent luxury. All scrumptious, freshly prepared meals (and drives to view wildlife) are included in our rates, which are surprisingly affordable when taking our 5-star luxury accommodation and top-notch personal service into account.

We’re ready and waiting to offer you exceptional accommodation and a wildlife experience that you’ll remember fondly, forever.