Welgevonden’s Lovely 5-Star Luxury Accommodation

Welgevonden’s Lovely 5-Star Luxury Accommodation

Welgevonden’s Lovely 5-Star Luxury Accommodation  

If you are amongst the folks who are accustomed to extravagance at home, you may think that there are few, if any, 5-star luxury accommodations that hold anything new or surprising in store for you. You are not to be criticised if you have become somewhat blasé about all things luxurious. Living and playing according to one’s means and acquiring the best that your money can buy is almost part of the human condition in the 21st century. As a lover of and subscriber to luxury, you may feel that you have “seen, (or experienced) it all”.

One question remains, however, and that is: Have you visited the Welgevonden Private Game Reserve? Here, you can experience incredible natural beauty, wild animals roaming freely in their natural habitat, as well as the awesome hospitality at Fifty Seven Waterberg, our game lodge, tucked away in this premier paradise.

There are other particular aspects of Fifty Seven Waterberg that cannot be adequately conveyed in writing, by means of photographs or even via word of mouth. That is the warm, sincerely welcoming South African hospitality, outstanding personal service and exceptionally peaceful ambience that await every guest at our lodge.


 Welgevonden is, as mentioned, a private game reserve, located in the Waterberg area in the Limpopo province. Within Welgevonden’s 35 000 plus hectares, several select concessionary owners of private game lodges (among them, Fifty Seven Waterberg), offer luxury accommodation to limited numbers of guests. This policy of exclusivity ensures that there is no crowding; guests enjoy privacy and the authentic tranquillity of the African bushveld.

Accommodation Luxury Artistry

 We have only five supremely spacious guest accommodations, each accommodating two adults – indeed far from the madding crowds. Each suite is a stand-alone unit, at least 80m² in extent. Every suite bears its own typically African name and is private, a fair distance from its neighbours. Additional screening is provided by the lush, green natural vegetation.

Furnishings, facilities, appointments and amenities are of the highest standards, ensuring that your levels of luxury and comfort are maintained. En-suite bathrooms’ design lines appear to have been created by the broad strokes of a bushveld artist’s brush. The palette throughout is the palette of Africa.

No Welgevonden luxury accommodation is complete unless our guests’ palates are delighted and replete with gourmet cuisine and fine dining at 5-star Fifty Seven Waterberg. Chef Gabriel and his assistant Lucas simply would not have it any other way, nor will you, once you have enjoyed the luxuries at our lodge, amongst the finest in Welgevonden.