Top Luxury Bushveld Accommodation

Top Luxury Bushveld Accommodation

Wild Waterberg Bushveld, where Luxury Accommodation is Standard

Luxury is lovely, without any doubt. Unless you are a total ascetic person who shuns all the creature comforts, extras, and niceties of life that are above and beyond that which is essential for survival, you love your luxuries as much as the next person, wherever you may encounter it.

Unexpected Private Luxury

However, there are some places where luxury, particularly luxurious accommodation and facilities are usually unexpected, but nonetheless exceptionally appreciated. That is the raw, wild bushveld, particularly the Waterberg wilderness region of Limpopo, where both our game park and luxury lodge are designated as private.

Limited Admission

Neither the bushveld reserve nor our lodge’s accommodation and facilities are open to the general public. Only persons with confirmed accommodation reservations are granted access. Moreover, access is also limited. At any given time, only a maximum number of 20 adults are able to stay at our lodge simultaneously.

Access Restricted, Accommodation Limited

Marvellous as the Kruger is, on occasion, it may be quite a busy place during peak tourist season, unless one books lodge accommodation in one of this park’s private game reserves, where public access is restricted. As indicated, our private bushveld paradise is not located in the Kruger Park, nor is it ever busy and bustling.

Most conveniently, we are considerably closer to Pretoria and Johannesburg than more northerly game reserves. It takes only approximately 3 hours by road from Pretoria and Johannesburg to reach the private Waterberg game park in which we are situated, Welgevonden Game Reserve.

Luxury is Standard

Here, we have established our 5-star game lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, where bushveld accommodation that sets a benchmark in luxury is our standard. Despite its relative proximity to these two major cities, Fifty Seven is seemingly an entire world apart, right in the very heart of the natural, spectacular South African bushveld, where it is peaceful, quiet, and tranquil.

Sounds and Smells

The only sounds to be heard regularly are birdsong and the bleats, calls, and cries of wild animals, as they hunt or fall prey to predators or set about establishing dominance over rivals and territory, thereby earning the right to procreate and perpetuate their bloodline. The smells are those of the iconic African bushveld, unless you factor in the mouth-watering aromas of gourmet meals, meticulously prepared and presented by our resident chef and his assistant in the main lodge building’s communal dining area.

Private Guest Accommodation Suites

Accommodation at Fifty Seven Waterberg consists of ten truly spacious suites. Five are known as Classic suites, four as Luxury suites, and there is one ultra-luxurious Honeymoon suite, as romantic as you please in the heart of the beautiful, bountiful bushveld. Each suite accommodates two adults in superb comfort and elegant style.

Because the emphasis on your stay with us is on our wildlife, as befits a bushveld breakaway, the views from all suites, even en suite bathrooms, and the main lodge are almost uninterrupted, since guests seldom want to miss the opportunity of spotting wildlife in action, behaving completely natural, according to the dictates of each species.

Surprising and unexpected or not, Fifty Seven Waterberg’s luxury lodge offers you the best of the bushveld, for your enjoyment and pleasure. That is our mission and the reason behind the multiple awards that Fifty Seven has accrued.