The Allure of Luxury, Privacy, and Exclusivity

The Allure of Luxury, Privacy, and Exclusivity

5-Star Luxury in Your Pick of Limpopo’s Private Game Lodges

Human beings are constantly striving to develop and improve all sorts of things that may make their own or the lot and future of mankind better and more comfortable, convenient, or luxurious in some way. Each generation wants better standards of living for themselves and the generations that are to follow.

The Allure of Luxury, Privacy, and Exclusivity

Humans take to luxury like ducks to water. Only pure, committed ascetics shun luxury and creature comforts on principle, but they are by far in the minority. More often than not, anything that is classified as luxurious (more opulent, magnificent, or grander than what mere necessity dictates) goes hand in hand with privacy, possibly because privacy implies that particular features or facilities are only accessible or available to a select, probably privileged few, not to masses of people or the public at large.

Modern game lodges are establishments that are much smaller than traditional hotels. Lodges are therefore set up for a limited number of guests at any given time, which also enables lodge personnel to provide a high standard of personal service to visitors, even anticipating their needs before they express what it is that they require.

This is another factor that is at the heart of exclusivity and luxury, features which one would not normally expect to find in untamed, undeveloped game and wildlife territory, and yet this is precisely what our visitors are delighted and surprised to find at Fifty Seven Waterberg, our luxury private game lodge, discretely nestled in the bushveld of the private Welgevonden Game Reserve.

Lodge Accommodation

 Besides the main game lodge buildings, our guest suites only number five only; we accommodate ten adults sharing rooms, which are exceptionally spacious – a minimum of 80 square metres each. Every luxury suite beautifully furnished, offers stunning views from all expansive windows, sliding doors and outdoor areas, and is set apart from its neighbour, thus preserving privacy perfectly.

Setting Fifty Seven Waterberg Apart

 One of the wonders of nature, wildlife, game animals, and going out on game drives to observe wild things going about their normal activities in their preferred habitat, is the fact that each occasion is unique; no two wildlife encounters are identical. This element of the unexpected and surprise keeps lovers of nature enchanted, time after time.

Our home, Welgevonden Game Reserve, is located within a zone of the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001. The wildlife includes an enormous array of species, including the Big 5, and various reptiles and amphibians.

Our game lodge boasts 5 stars, as well as a number of awards and accolades. We have been featured in the National Geographic Traveller Africa Collection 2017, and been awarded Top 5 Accommodations in Welgevonden Game Reserve by Travelmyth, a 2017 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, and a Lilizela Tourism Award as a 2017 Provincial Winner for Accommodation. The divine dishes that master chef Gabriel creates, ably assisted by Lukas, his sous chef, are as delicious as they are a feast for the eyes – almost too beautiful to eat.

If luxury, privacy, superior service levels, and nature at its best are high on your list of requirements, it follows that our luxury private game lodge should top that list.