It’s High Fives for a 5-Star Limpopo Game Lodge

It’s High Fives for a 5-Star Limpopo Game Lodge

It’s High Fives for a 5-Star Limpopo Game Lodge

When you’re a guest at our prestigious game lodge in Limpopo’s Welgevonden Game Reserve, you’ll immediately detect that you’re enjoying true, warm South African hospitality in a 5-star establishment, notwithstanding the fact that you’re in an untamed natural wilderness.

Stars in the African Night Sky

However, when you’re looking up at the clear, black African night sky, whilst sitting around the fire in our outdoor boma or on your patio or deck at night, enjoying a nightcap or a cup of coffee, after a delectable, gourmet game lodge dinner, you’ll see a host of brightly twinkling stars, far more than five, holding sway over the expansive game reserve and its inhabitants.

Rated As a 5-Star Lodge

That’s only a small, but immensely enjoyable part of our 5-star game lodge’s experience and in-lodge delights. In fact, at Fifty Seven Waterberg, the number five is significant to our lodge and our guests. Whilst we’re unable to count all the stars above us, many other fives feature at our establishment, in addition to the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa’s 5-star rating of our luxury game lodge.

What’s in a Name?

The five that forms part of our name – Fifty Seven Waterberg – contains one of the additional fives to which we refer. Our immediate terrain on which the lodge was established is the fifty-seventh portion of Welgevonden. Street addresses are identified by their number, so it seemed appropriate to name the game lodge accordingly. There’s another five in the size of Welgevonden – 35 000 hectares.

High Fives All the Way

Here are some more perks surrounding the number five that our guests enjoy:

  • Five guest accommodation suites are of 5-star luxury standards, each being a minimum of 80 square metres in extent, beautifully furnished, and appointed with elegance, comfort, and luxury in mind.
  • We only admit 5 couples (10 adult guests) at any one time, thereby keeping the lodge exclusive and our guests’ wildlife safari game drives and animal sightings more personal and intimate, without disturbing the game’s natural behaviour.
  • 5-star gourmet cuisine and fine-dining fare, beautifully prepared and presented by our chef.
  • Discreet, friendly, competent, and personal 5-star service at the lodge.
  • The Welgevonden Game Reserve is home to the famous Big 5 – the five species of big game that virtually all our visitors want to see. Our guests are typically able to view the Big 5 from up-close-and-personal vantage points, since they’re accompanied by one of our knowledgeable rangers on Daily game drives, which may take them off road to where the animals are – but only when it’s considered safe to do so.

The Big 5

With the exception of the African elephant, the largest land mammal in the world, size does not define the Big 5 game animals. Way back, when hunting was a way of life and an income-generating business for big game hunters in Africa, these five species were said to be the most dangerous and difficult animals to hunt, and therefore were the most sought-after game for the hunting fraternity.

Fortunately, none of the Big 5 and other game at our 5-star establishment and the Welgevonden Game Reserve have ever been hunted, so our guests are virtually assured of exceptionally memorable wildlife experiences.