Luxury Private Game Lodge

Luxury Private Game Lodge

On Location in Our Luxury Private Game Lodge Reserve

We are delighted that our home, Welgevonden Game Reserve, was chosen as the location of a new MTN ad, which is focused on the preservation and protection of wildlife, especially those which are endangered, and also serves to spread the conservation message that is so dear to us.

Our luxury private game lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, is located in Welgevonden private game reserve, which in turn, is situated in the Waterberg region of Limpopo Province of South Africa. The Waterberg is a beautiful, biodiverse region, richly endowed with an abundance of wildlife species and the habitat that each prefers, so it is hardly surprising that Welgevonden was selected as the ad’s location.

Nature conservation and the preservation of South African game species, particularly those which are threatened or endangered, has always been integral to Welgevonden game reserve, even prior to the park’s establishment, which took place in 1993, or the recent inception of the ad and its ground-breaking rhino conservation initiative.

Roaming Freely

Initially, wildlife that was once indigenous and plentiful in the area was all but eliminated by destructive human behaviour. Fences were removed and human activity ceased. In combination, former farmland became suitable terrain for animals to roam freely again, as they do today in and around the luxury private game lodges in the reserve. Fauna and flora have regenerated.

Conservation and preservation are equally important to the luxury private game lodges that have been established there, Fifty Seven Waterberg and our five-star luxury guest amenities included. All the lodges in Welgevonden follow a policy of only accommodating limited numbers of guests at any given time to prevent a negative impact on the reserve’s pristine bushveld environment and animals.

Big 5

Welgevonden is endowed with the Big 5 game species, which consists of the Cape buffalo, African leopard, African elephant, African lion, and the rhino, which is being hunted into extinction for its horn. Rhino horn fetches huge prices in the east, because of certain cultures’ false belief that it possesses aphrodisiac qualities.

Saving the Rhino

The MTN initiative that features in the ad, shot on location in Welgevonden, relies on their innovative IoT (Internet of Things) technology. In this case, IoT is a first of its kind solution to help to save dwindling rhino populations.

Fifty Seven Waterberg, our luxury private game lodge congratulates MTN with their ad and IoT rhino-saving initiative, and wishes the very best to the company, Welgevonden and all who benefit from this technology.