Warm Winter Welcome to Welgevonden Game Reserve

Warm Winter Welcome to Welgevonden Game Reserve

Warm Winter Welcome to Welgevonden Game Reserve

Are you familiar with the Waterberg region in South Africa’s Limpopo Province, or more specifically, the wonderful Waterberg’s welcoming Welgevonden Game Reserve? If you are, you have possibly already experienced the incredible bushveld atmosphere, amazing wildlife, sensational scenic beauty, and private, luxury game lodge accommodation. If not, you are definitely in for a rare treat.

What Makes It So Special?

It is possible that Welgevonden Game Reserve is not as widely known as certain longer established game parks that admit almost limitless visitors are. Nonetheless, Welgevonden is truly special, perhaps precisely because it is exclusive.

  • This conservancy is located within the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001.
  • It is a private reserve. Day visitors are not granted entry; only guests who have confirmed accommodation bookings at our select game lodge are allowed, thus preserving our exclusivity, while minimising human impact on our wildlife and wilderness terrain.
  • Our ultra-luxurious lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, is also private, indicating that the best that is on offer is provided to a limited number of guests at any one given time.
  • This private reserve has an abundance of free roaming wildlife, some 129 plus mammal species, in excess of 350 species of birds, numerous reptiles, and more than 2000 types of plants – a wildlife and nature haven.
  • Welgevonden is home to the Big Five, each animal in its pristine, natural environment and habitat, hunting prey, grazing, or browsing – every creature according to its natural behaviour.
  • Landscapes and scenery are spectacular examples of the best that Limpopo and the Waterberg bushveld has to offer to lovers of nature, natural beauty, and nature’s diversity. Our Waterberg terrain includes grassy plains, deep ravines, dense bushveld, and layered sandstone outcrops, with some cliffs rising about 550 metres above the surrounding bushveld features.
  • Welgevonden Game Reserve is large, some 35 000 hectares in extent, so there is ample space for all our wild animal species and not much chance of encountering other visitors at an unusual animal sighting. If you do, it will only be a few similarly minded watchers who are as keen as you are to view animals behaving as nature intended, undisturbed by humans.

Winter at Welgevonden

Some say that winter is the very best time of year to spot wildlife in the Waterberg bushveld. This area receives its principle rainfall during the Waterberg’s hot summers. In winter, some plants shed their leaves and the bushveld is less dense, making it easier to see wildlife, so do not wait – book your accommodation at Fifty Seven Waterberg now.