Allure of Stars and Five-Star Luxury Accommodation

Allure of Stars and Five-Star Luxury Accommodation

Allure of Stars and Five-Star Luxury Accommodation

In general, worldwide as well as in South Africa, stars are much admired and desired, in whichever way one regards these heavenly bodies – literally as well as figuratively. When someone has stars in her/his eyes, it implies that the person is excited, optimistic, eagerly anticipating, and extremely hopeful of experiencing the achievement of something of which they could once only have dreamed.

Surrounded by Stars

If you’re the star of the show, all the big accolades are yours; the top star receives prime billing or tops the list of performer credits in a film. You probably have that elusive star quality. Someone who adores you may promise you the moon and the stars, because they simply cannot seem to do enough to spoil you with all that your heart might desire.

For many years, stars have featured in music and songs from numerous genres. Sir Elton John begins his tribute to Vincent with “Starry, starry night…”, Nat King Cole had a hit song called “Starlight”, and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber created the beloved musical theatre show “Starlight Express”. Furthermore, stars and starlight have a strong romantic connotation, particularly evident when viewed across the expanse of the black, clear, and enormous African night sky, far removed from cities’ air, light, and noise pollution.

Romance and Luxury

 Few of life’s pleasurable experiences are as romantic as being surrounded by and accommodated in luxury in the midst of the wild, untamed South African bushveld, which has its own really unique allure – sights, smells, sounds, wildlife, vegetation, and atmosphere.

A magical, romantic place exists in the Waterberg district of the Limpopo Province – Fifty Seven Waterberg – our luxury, five-star private game lodge, where we accommodate no more than ten guests at a time in five luxurious guest suites.

Restricted guest numbers ensure that our five-star accommodation status is maintained at all times, including all luxurious guest experiences. Privacy, a sense of intimacy, and tranquillity are paramount to people who seek luxury in a remote location.

Each guest accommodation suite is truly spacious and elegantly furnished in understated five-star style. Large glass panes provide a seamless view and flow between nature without and luxury within each suite, whilst a private patio allows our visitors to enjoy an unhindered view of the bushveld during the day, and the starlit night sky when day is done.

Fifty Seven Waterberg is situated within the borders of the Welgevonden Game Reserve, surrounded by 35 000 hectares of natural bushveld beauty, and offers a relaxing, luxurious holiday, or breakaway deserving of five-star standing. Travelmyth rated Fifty Seven Waterberg amongst their Top 5 Accommodations in Welgevonden – recognition and additional testament to our luxury five-star accommodation standards, which should be on your “must do” list too.