Welgevonden Luxury Game Lodge

Welgevonden Luxury Game Lodge

Our Welgevonden Luxury Game Lodge in the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve

One automatically associates a modern, private game lodge with more than privacy and the opportunity to see game animals. A lodge invariably evokes images of life’s luxuries, combined with superior amenities, delicious cuisine, and premier personal services. Add 5 stars to the equation, and you know you can expect and receive a thoroughly luxurious experience.

Fifty Seven Waterberg’s private, 5-star luxury game lodge is one of the exclusive establishments situated in the Welgevonden Game Reserve. In addition to these obvious attractions, Welgevonden is located in the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, as proclaimed in 2001 by UNESCO, which is also a World Heritage Site.

True to the ethos of a biosphere reserve and a private game reserve, Fifty Seven Waterberg exemplifies game lodge luxury. Our guest suites are exceptionally spacious, none being smaller than 80 square metres. Tasteful, elegant furnishings and appointments are of top quality. Each one of our five suites features a king sized bed, from which guests overlook the wondrous unspoiled wilderness that seems to stretch to the horizon.

African Colour Palette

From within the gently curving bathtub in your en-suite bathroom, similar glorious views await your appreciative gaze, likewise the vistas from your private patio. Wherever you look, the colour palettes typify the shades and hues of Africa, all in harmony.

Individual thatched lodge suites, as well as the main game lodge building, blend into the backdrop of the African bushveld. When viewed from above in a low-flying aircraft, only the clear blue infinity swimming pool on the deck of the main lodge stands out, since it reflects the wide blue African sky on a clear day.

5-Star Cuisine

 Mealtimes are feasts for several senses. One delighted visitor commented that Chef Gabriel’s lovingly prepared fare could very well have been produced in a Michelin starred kitchen for diners and guests who only demand the best.

If you appreciate the best of life’s luxuries, Welgevonden’s luxury game lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, is a choice bushveld destination.