First-Class, Full Spectrum Wildlife Accommodation

First-Class, Full Spectrum Wildlife Accommodation

First-Class, Full Spectrum Wildlife Accommodation

At Fifty Seven Waterberg, our luxurious five-star private game lodge in the Waterberg, we offer superb accommodation and exclusive guest facilities to visitors to the Waterberg who book their stay with us. By the same token, the natural accommodation provided for the indigenous wildlife species in our part of the Waterberg can also be classified as superb, perhaps even luxurious too, from a wild animal’s “perspective”.

Ideal Accommodation for Guests

Depending on the species – predator or prey, carnivore or herbivore – the Waterberg does offer a luxurious, completely pristine, natural habitat and ideal wildlife accommodation. This particular bushveld region of Limpopo was named “Waterberg” (Water Mountains) by early trekkers and explorers, who were the first known Europeans to arrive here,

It is a lovely, lush place where streams flow down mountain slopes and into the ravines, valleys, and plains below – a ready supply of fresh water to sustain and accommodate animals, vegetation, and mankind, providing all with their most basic, life giving, essential element: water.

Although fauna and flora cannot reason or make comparisons (as far as we know), they surely suffer during droughts, while indicating that they are happily settled by thriving, growing, and procreating. Our 35 000 square hectare private game reserve landscape offers ample, ideal sustenance and lodging that suits our animal and plant species to a T.

Wildlife Accommodation for Guests

We cannot forget the human beings and exclusive man-made facilities that make it possible for us, at the Fifty Seven Waterberg private game lodge, to offer our guests world-class wildlife accommodation in the Waterberg’s premier private game reserve, Welgevonden.

Our guests are surprised and delighted to find such luxurious, wonderfully spacious, five-star accommodation in the heart of wildlife domain – accommodation with a distinct wow factor.

Upon arrival at Welgevonden’s West Gate, guests check into the game reserve and park and leave their private vehicles until they return to the gate to depart our wildlife paradise once again. One of Fifty Seven Waterberg’s game viewing vehicles collects and transports guests to the delights of the game lodge – the site of their luxurious lodging.

Random, day visitors and the use of private vehicles are not permitted in Welgevonden. Restricting the number of vehicles within Welgevonden has various advantages. Wildlife is not unduly disturbed. The human impact on the environment is minimised, while game viewing (sometimes off road) is maximised, without guests having to lift a finger. Moreover, our accompanying guide or ranger knows where and when to find the best animal sightings, particularly the ever popular, fascinating Big Five.

Like our animal neighbours, which roam the length and breadth of the reserve, our human guests also require food. Fifty Seven serves some of the best cuisine on offer, veritable gourmet fare, pretty as a picture, freshly prepared and simply delicious, courtesy of our ever smiling, in house chef.

For your convenience, Fifty Seven Waterberg’s rates include all meals, lodging, selected beverages, and two wildlife safaris per day, one in the early morning and another during the late afternoon/evening. If it is luxurious lodging you want, plus excellent service and warm hospitality, Fifty Seven Waterberg has it all – for you and for our wild animals and their wilderness habitat.