Private Welgevonden Lodge Accommodation

Private Welgevonden Lodge Accommodation

Welcoming Private Lodge Accommodation at Welgevonden’s Fifty Seven Waterberg

When asked about game reserves in South Africa, many first think of the Kruger National Park, which is this country’s longest established, most well-known game park that has been open to the public since the early 1920s.

The Early Wild in Wilderness

Initially, the Kruger did not offer overnight accommodation. The early public sightseers were day trippers, since there were no designated rest camps or areas that provided a degree of shelter and safety from animal incursions or any of the most basic facilities, like potable drinking water. The early Kruger National Park literally put the wild into wilderness, from a human necessity and creature comfort perspective.

One of the major reasons why South African tourism and leisure travel is as sought-after and popular as it is today is because of the presence of game reserves, world-class game lodge accommodation, and wondrous wildlife within the country. Although the Kruger remains a major drawcard and highly significant game park, the African bushveld and its wild, indigenous creatures extend much further than the Kruger’s borders.

There Is Always More

It seems that, in Africa, there is always more. Elsewhere, private game reserves that feature exclusive private game lodges that offer luxury five-star accommodation, enhance and expand on the diversity and enjoyment of guests’ South African bushveld experiences.

Pleasure of Visiting Welgevonden

If you have already had the pleasure of visiting Welgevonden Private Game Reserve, you will have first-hand knowledge of what we mean. If not, there is a whole new wilderness world, with superb five-star lodge accommodation awaiting you in Welgevonden at Fifty Seven Waterberg, our exclusive, private luxury game lodge.

Welgevonden and our lodge are located in the Limpopo province of South Africa. This private reserve spans some 35 000 hectares of pristine, verdant bushveld terrain, a sanctuary for the wild creatures who roam here freely, as nature intended. Their accommodation suits them well; it is just fine.

Our game has never been hunted, so other than their natural inclination to avoid direct contact with humans, Welgevonden’s wild occupants, including the famous Big 5, do not flee at the first sign or sight of game viewing people. The success rate of seeing a host of game animals at close quarters in Welgevonden is excellent, because access to the reserve, Fifty Seven Waterberg’s lodge and the wildlife is controlled and limited.

Luxury Lodge Accommodation

Only visitors who have confirmed accommodation reservations at a Welgevonden lodge are granted access – at the West Gate, where guests park their vehicles, since guests are not permitted to drive within the reserve. Our lodge personnel collect guests at this gate, and take them to the lodge and on Daily game viewing safaris for the duration of their stay.

Guests at Welgevonden and Fifty Seven Waterberg are here to relax and enjoy luxury lodge accommodation, accompanied by the sounds, smells, sights, and sensation of untamed, pristine African bushveld, without lifting a finger to turn a steering wheel or do any other chore.

Our lodge accommodation at Fifty Seven is limited to ten adults at any one time. Their accommodation consists of five luxuriously appointed, exceptionally spacious, thatched private chalets, each with its own outdoor patio/deck, for relaxed viewing of passing game and glorious vistas of the bushveld.