A Tranquil Luxury Wildlife Accommodation

A Tranquil Luxury Wildlife Accommodation

Luxury Wildlife Accommodation in a Tranquil Natural Oasis

If you are ready to spot the famous Big Five and want to do so in a stylish boutique setting, then look no further. Fifty Seven Waterberg offers a unique experience in the heart of the Welgevonden Game Reserve in the Limpopo Provence. Our wildlife lodge brings peace and relaxation to the fore, and we believe in quality over quantity. With ten exclusive and spacious suites, our accommodation guarantees ultimate tranquillity. You can enjoy the wonders of nature and escape the noise of the busy city. Each unit has a private patio area, a king-sized bed, coffee- and tea-making facilities, a work area, and luxury furnishings. You will also have your own view of the bush and can thus spot wildlife from the comfort of your private dwelling.

Whether you are an avid nature-fanatic or more of a chill by the pool with a cocktail kind of traveller, there is something for everyone when it comes to our accommodation. If you are excited by the prospect of exploring wildlife, our safari game drives are an absolute must and will delight the entire family. See if you can spot all of the Big Five. You might even get to see the illustrious black rhino on your drive. Thanks to specialised Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the rhinos at Welgevonden are protected by a system which predicts potential poaching threats.

This innovative technology was launched by MTN, Prodapt, and the University of Wageningen, and aims to protect endangered species in the reserve. A visit to the Welgevonden Game Reserve is thus an absolute must for anyone who is interested in animal conservation and cutting-edge mechanisms that protect vulnerable species. This impressive system places tracking collars on animals who graze near rhinos, rather than collaring the rhinos themselves. When these animals feel threatened, data is sent to the system to be analysed, and potential poachers can be found.

Where Wildlife Meets Luxury Accommodation

On your game drive with one of our knowledgeable rangers, you will hopefully spot all of South Africa’s iconic Big Five animals. You can also enjoy the prospect of seeing over 50 other mammals, including the gemsbok, warthog, giraffe, and maybe even the elusive leopard. There is also lots to see for anyone with a keen eye for birding. The reserve has documented over 300 species of bird and thus packing your binoculars is a must. This reserve forms part of the larger Waterberg Biosphere Reserve and is a special space with an abundance of wildlife, fauna, and flora. When you are not relaxing in our elegant accommodation, you can explore the natural wonders that the park has on offer.

If you enjoy the finer things in life and want a luxurious experience of the bush, Fifty Seven Waterberg is the place to be. We would love to wine and dine you and be a part of your safari experience. Since we are only a 3-hour drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria, we are the perfect accommodation choice for a weekend getaway and are well-suited for romantic breaks and city escapes. If you want to amalgamate your love for wildlife and luxury, we are the lodge for you! Book your accommodation today and enjoy the holiday of your dreams.