Privacy Assured at Premier Private Game Lodge

Privacy Assured at Premier Private Game Lodge

Privacy Assured at Premier Private Game Lodge

Once, long ago, when the class system amongst people of varying economic backgrounds was strictly observed, “private” may have indicated that the person who wanted or sought privacy was unhappy, or was a loner who was somewhat odd.

At the time, towns and cities in Britain and Europe were overpopulated. Most homes and lodgings were cramped and overcrowded. Privacy and private quarters were reserved for the really wealthy elite or nobility. Norms and moral standards were decidedly different then, particularly those which pertained to privacy.

Anyone belonging to the lower socio-economic classes, seeking somewhere secluded was probably viewed with a certain amount of suspicion by privacy seekers’ counterparts amongst the so-called commoners, to whom privacy was a foreign concept. It was not for the poor mass population.


Today, privacy virtually implies exclusivity, referring to items, places, and services that are singular and unique, as opposed to being mass-produced and intended for mass consumption in the enormous modern mass market, in which people represent mere numbers. Consequently, exclusivity and privacy are valued.

Private Game Lodge

Our game lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, occupies a doubly private position in the Waterberg. We are located within Welgevonden, a large, lovely game reserve of some 35 000 hectares of Limpopo bushveld, about a three-hour leisurely drive from Pretoria and Johannesburg, but a world apart in its natural beauty, indigenous vegetation and wildlife, and the privacy accorded to our guests.

Maintaining Game Lodge Privacy

At Fifty Seven Waterberg, our exclusivity and guests’ privacy is maintained in various discreet ways.

  • Welgevonden Game Reserve and the select collection of private lodges in the reserve all follow an operational policy, which ensures the privacy of all concerned and the wonderful wilderness conservancy area.
  • Guests – only those who have confirmed reservations and no one else – are welcomed at the reserve’s West Gate upon arrival. Their private vehicles are safely parked here, pending their departure from Welgevonden, since their use is not permitted in the reserve. Guests are collected at the gate and transported to their respective lodges, one of them being the first-class, five-star Fifty Seven Waterberg.
  • Only twenty adults are accommodated in ten spacious, privately located luxury suites at one time at Fifty Seven Waterberg. It is that exclusive. Other lodges in Welgevonden have similar policies.
  • Game viewing and Daily game drives are relatively secluded affairs too. The restrictions on guest numbers ensure that there is no mass attendance at interesting sightings, nor any overexploitation of the pristine, natural bushveld terrain.


Fifty Seven Waterberg has a proud reputation in Welgevonden. We are holders of several prestigious awards and accolades that recognise excellence. Amongst others, we have received:

  • Lilizela Tourism Awards Provincial Winner Accommodation 2017
  • com Outstanding Service Award 2017
  • Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Winner 2018
  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019

As one of Welgevonden’s premier five-star exclusive lodges, we would be delighted to have you join us for an exclusive luxury breakaway in the Waterberg, home of our lodge and wildlife. We look forward to including you too.