What Luxury Accommodation Means at Fifty Seven Waterberg

What Luxury Accommodation Means at Fifty Seven Waterberg

What Luxury Accommodation Means at Fifty Seven Waterberg

If you like, appreciate, enjoy, and expect the finer things in life, wherever you may be, you probably love luxury in all things – motor vehicles, first-class air travel, exclusive clothing and club memberships, designer labels, superior service, and the best address and accommodation, at home, when travelling, and while on holiday or away on a brief leisure break.

Exclusivity and Privacy

Nowadays, privacy and exclusivity are also regarded as luxuries, possibly because the focus has been on the masses, mass-produced goods, and the mass market in general, ever since the technology and infrastructure to cater for and to the masses became the way to go and the most profitable way of doing things – easier, cheaper, and faster. Profits lie in volume of demand, sales, and consumption, in the latter scenarios.

Hotels became larger. Identical, uniform guest accommodations were features of such establishments, because bulk buying meant bulk buyer discounts and increased profits, derived mainly from the provision of accommodation, meals, and refreshments for masses of guests, who were not particularly concerned about exclusivity, privacy, service levels, or elaborate luxuries.

Typical Features of Luxury Accommodation


  • A beautiful, scenic location, ideally in a place in which luxurious amenities might be unexpected or unusual
  • Lovely, expansive views, ideally in all directions
  • Privacy
  • Tranquil peace and quiet, undisturbed by sounds emanating from the presence of fellow guests or staff members
  • Aesthetically non-intrusive accommodation quarters and buildings that compliment or blend in with the surrounding terrain
  • Limited number of guest rooms
  • Limited number of guests
  • Spacious guest suites
  • Spacious, well-appointed en suite bathrooms
  • Spotless, quality linens and bedding
  • Comfortable bed(s)
  • Immaculate standards of hygiene and cleanliness, irrespective of location and environment
  • Elegant, tasteful, and high-quality furnishings and in-room appointments
  • Daily housekeeping services
  • Friendly, well-trained, professional personnel who respect guests’ requirements and anticipate their needs
  • Discreet yet efficient personal service
  • Well-appointed, spacious, and welcoming communal areas
  • On-site catering
  • Gourmet dining in the communal dining room/restaurant
  • Room service options
  • A five-star, luxury grading
  • Recipient of hospitality awards and guest recommendations/commendations
  • Leisure activities in keeping with the environment and resort
  • The opportunity to relax, rest, unwind, and enjoy and have fun, without lifting a finger
  • A sincere, warm welcome and outstanding hospitality throughout one’s stay, which leaves one with the feeling and desire to return again, repeatedly

The list of luxury accommodation features may be lengthy, and yet Fifty Seven Waterberg’s luxuries do not end here. As our name indicates, we are situated in the Waterberg region of the Limpopo Province, an amazing, biodiverse part of the province that is known for its lush bushveld terrain and wonderful, varied landscapes.

The game in our private reserve, Welgevonden, has never been hunted. Wildlife is plentiful and not unduly disturbed or startled by our open game-viewing vehicles, which take our guests into the bush, in comfort, to observe the indigenous animal inhabitants, free in their natural environment and behaving as nature intended.

The superb Fifty Seven Waterberg accommodation facilities and entire guest experience in our part of the winning Waterberg is a complete and a multifaceted memory you will want to revisit in your mind’s eye, as well as in reality. We look forward to welcoming you on your anticipated return(s) to Fifty Seven Waterberg.