Luxury Private Game Lodge

Luxury Private Game Lodge

Luxury Private Game Lodge

“Luxury”, “private”, “game”, and “lodge” are four words which form a very descriptive, desirable concept when placed together, in sequence. They are also a quartet of words that are frequently used by people searching the Internet for exactly the type of premier bushveld accommodation that is our standard at Fifty Seven Waterberg.

Crown Jewels in the Wildlife Kingdom

Fifty Seven Waterberg is our own exclusive luxury private game lodge, situated in the lush territory that is so characteristic of the Welgevonden Private Game Reserve, both of them jewels in the crown of Limpopo’s wildlife kingdom.

The King and His Big 5 Cohorts

The King of Beasts, the African lion, his family, and opposing prides, all have a place in our 35 000 hectare reserve, as do his cohorts, the other four of the Big 5 species, the African elephant, African leopard, Cape buffalo, and rhino, both black and white. Likewise, the other indigenous wildlife and plant species that complete our Waterberg ecosystem are also found in abundance at Welgevonden.

Five Transforms to Ten

At Fifty Seven Waterberg, we previously only provided our 5-star luxury accommodation and world-class amenities for a maximum number of ten adult guests at any one time. This enabled us to retain the superb personal service levels, privacy, and sublime sense of peace and tranquillity of the Waterberg bushveld that surrounds our lodge.

Recently, however, we have increased that number to a total of twenty adults, by adding five more private guest chalets. In effect, the number of chalets has doubled; likewise the guest numbers – because of the increased demand for our brand of luxury private game lodge accommodation, tucked away in the heart of a sought-after South African wilderness paradise.

Ever true to our ethos and guests’ luxury experience of Fifty Seven Waterberg and Welgevonden Game Reserve, we made certain that our game lodge would be able to ensure the continued existence of the important factors that make our establishment so special. It was imperative that the untamed bushveld environment and the unencumbered natural animal habitat could and would be maintained, without compromising on any aspect of the luxuries on offer to our visitors.

The Luxury of Natural Habitat Wildlife Viewing

It must be said that viewing game in comfort, in an untouched natural habitat, has become a luxury, since there are relatively fewer such opportunities and areas left in today’s world, where mankind’s constant need for development and expansion takes precedence over traditional wildlife habitat.

The opposite occurred at Welgevonden and our private game lodge. The reserve was born of one man’s intense desire and commitment to restore our part of the Waterberg to its original, natural glory. With the support and dedication of this farm owner and his neighbours, they combined their resources to amalgamate their properties, cease all human activity, and allow wild animals to return to the area, once again renewing the balance of nature across this terrain.

Perfect for Exclusive Getaways and Holidays

The Waterberg, Welgevonden Game Reserve, and Fifty Seven Waterberg’s luxury private lodge within this wondrous wildlife kingdom are unique. When you want an exclusive luxury getaway or a longer holiday in a wildlife Eden, Fifty Seven Waterberg is perfect for you, as is the Waterberg’s Welgevonden private nature reserve, conveniently reached by road within about 3 hours’ travel from Pretoria and Johannesburg.