Capturing World-Class Wildlife Accommodation

Capturing World-Class Wildlife Accommodation

Capturing World-Class Wildlife Accommodation

It is lights, camera, action at Welgevonden Game Reserve, a private wildlife sanctuary of note, and the place we call home. Here, our premier game lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, offers our guests luxury five-star accommodation, enabling them to enjoy the very best of the bounty that the Welgevonden bushveld provides to those who love nature and all her wild creatures.

Recently, film crews descended on Welgevonden Game Reserve to film an ad, which was after extensive research by university students and Welgevonden’s accomplished rangers, who also accompany the game viewing guests who have booked their wildlife accommodation at Fifty Seven Waterberg.

Action Stations

Specialised collars were fitted to certain animal species, particularly antelope. When animals show signs of alarm, the collars transmit their movements and associated data to a control centre, from where rangers would be able to take immediate action to investigate and prevent poaching.

The research teams conducted experiments for 11 months to establish the behaviour and manner in which our wildlife reacted to the presence of humans in vehicles, on foot and hiding in the lush Waterberg bushveld vegetation. Using MTN’s latest, innovative IoT (Internet of Things) technology, invaluable data was gathered and collated, resulting in the most extensive and informative study of wildlife’s response and reactive movement in the world, another achievement at Welgevonden.

Proactively Prepared

We believe in being prepared at Welgevonden, before problems arise. It seems most fitting that this new study and anti-poaching initiative was conducted and filmed at Welgevonden, which was converted into a private game reserve in the late 1980s by combining several farms into a conservancy area, removing signs of man’s presence and successfully re-introducing indigenous animal species.

Exceptional Accommodation

Today, Welgevonden offers exceptional accommodation for both its wildlife and its select human visitors, many of whom choose Fifty Seven Waterberg for its location, exceptional personal service, gourmet cuisine, superb game-viewing safaris, and of course, spacious, private, and elegant accommodation.

Because of popular, yet discerning demand, we have increased our guest accommodation at Fifty Seven Waterberg from five to ten luxurious suites. The level of luxury is undiminished, but our exclusive accommodation can now house a maximum of 20 adults, two per suite. There are five classic and four luxury suites, plus one honeymoon suite.

The rates at Fifty Seven Waterberg are inclusive of accommodation, two guided safari drives daily (one in the early morning and evening), all fine dining meals, and selected beverages, but entry fees at Welgevonden’s West Gate are charged separately.

Job done, the film crews have left, but we encourage you to bring your own camera when you book your world-class wildlife accommodation at Fifty Seven Waterberg in Welgevonden Game Reserve.