Luxury at a Bushveld Lodge in Limpopo

Luxury at a Bushveld Lodge in Limpopo

Luxury at a Bushveld Lodge in Limpopo

One of the world’s best-known African game parks, the Kruger National Park, falls within two provinces in South Africa, Mpumalanga and Limpopo, but there’s another wonderful bushveld wildlife reserve in the latter province, but in a different part of it – in the Waterberg region.

Limpopo can be found roughly midway on a list of South Africa’s nine provinces by comparative size and area. Limpopo occupies about 125 755 km2 of this country’s total area, which equates to an enormous 1 220 813 km2 in total.

By comparison, these really large areas may make the extent of Limpopo’s Welgevonden Game Reserve seem relatively small – at 35 000 hectares. In truth, this reserve is big, and it seems even larger than it actually is, because Welgevonden consists of pristine, undeveloped, natural Waterberg bushveld terrain.

Welgevonden’s bushveld terrain is virtually untouched by mankind’s modern developments, except for the occasional bushveld lodge that’s designed to be unobtrusive, and connecting roadways within the reserve’s distant boundaries. This is also the home of our luxurious 5-star bushveld lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, an establishment that enables guests to enjoy all the beauty, pleasures, and distinctive features of this area.

Three Waterberg Distinctions

There are two significant differences and distinctions between the locations of the Limpopo/Waterberg bushveld lodges and those situated in the north-eastern parts of Limpopo (and Mpumalanga) First and foremost, the terrain and landscapes in the Waterberg bushveld tend to be exceptionally diverse and scenic, incorporating kloofs, valleys, and gorges, as well as streams that originate in the mountains (the aptly named Waterberg).

Secondly, and perhaps of exceptional importance, the Welgevonden Game Reserve and our lodge’s portion of the Waterberg is part of the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, a National Heritage Site and also a World Heritage Site, as declared by UNESCO in 2001.

Luxury Accommodation in a Bushveld Lodge

 The spacious, luxurious guest suites at our bushveld lodge in Limpopo are situated sufficiently distant from one another to provide guests with the feeling that they’re not sharing the wilderness with anyone else. Each room has its own patio that overlooks the bushveld, the habitat where game come and go about their business of survival as they’ve done for hundreds of years.

Our five suites carry the names of antelope species and an indigenous tribe that has lived in this province for centuries. The respective suite names consist of Zebra, Rooihartbees, Nguni (the tribe mentioned), Gemsbok, and Springbok. Our latter two guest rooms are ultra-luxurious and super spacious, eminently suitable to accommodate a bridal couple on their honeymoon.

Whether you simply want to rest, relax, unwind, and dine on delicious gourmet fare, or experience the unique adventures of twice daily, expertly guided game drives to see the Big 5 and other Limpopo bushveld species, our game lodge is your highly recommended destination of distinction.

Our main lodge building likewise reflects 5-star luxury in the heart of the Limpopo/Waterberg bushveld. This is where guests dine and are welcome to socialise, or simply relax on the deck that surrounds a crystal clear, blue infinity swimming pool which reflects the bright blue of the wide African sky by day.