Top Big 5 Game Reserves

Top Big 5 Game Reserves

A Big-5 Game Reserve Experience Like No Other

According to Texans’ own claims, everything is bigger and better in the Lone Star State, but there is something big that they don’t have. We do, at our privately-owned game reserve – Fifty Seven Waterberg – in Limpopo province.

We refer to the Big 5 – South Africa’s most well-known animals, which continue to fascinate visitors to game reserves that are privileged to include these wild animals among their game population.

Unbeknown to some, “Big 5” is not indicative of the size of these 5 creatures – the African lion, African leopard, Cape buffalo, black rhinoceros and African elephant. Size only applies to the elephant. The Big 5 was regarded by hunters as the most difficult and dangerous species to hunt, hence their distinctive collective title.


The females dominate the hunting activities to feed the pride and its stately king. Lions are exceptionally territorial, especially when females have young cubs, which they’ll defend fearlessly. A charging lion is an indomitable force, almost unstoppable, unless the hunter was/is an excellent marksman.


When threatened or attacked, an entire herd of Cape buffalo has been known to go into defence mode, turning the tables on attackers. A wounded buffalo will often ambush its pursuer, with deadly consequences.


The African elephant will usually warn those who come too close with a mock charge, intended to scare off the offending intruder. If this fails to have the desired effect, a full charge may ensue. Elephants become particularly aggressive if they have calves or bulls in the herd that are in musth.


South Africa is home to two rhinoceros species – the white and black rhino. Rhinos have relatively poor eyesight, but are compensated for this potential vulnerability by having an acute sense of hearing. If startled, a rhino is likely to charge.


In the Waterberg and other South African game reserves, the leopard is the most difficult of the Big 5 animals to spot. It’s a shy, solitary creature, wonderfully camouflaged in its natural habitat. Leopards are nocturnal hunters, making a sighting really special. If cornered, leopards will defend themselves ferociously.

Seen at Fifty Seven Waterberg

Much to the delight of visitors to Fifty Seven Waterberg, their chances of seeing all or most members of the exclusive Big 5 group are better than most, unencumbered by hordes of tourists who typically gather at a sighting of any of the Big 5.

Our game lodge offers guest accommodation in five luxuriously appointed, private suites, providing guests with all the nuances of tranquillity and opulence. A knowledgeable, trained guide accompanies you on daily game drives, ensuring that you have as many opportunities as is possible to experience the Big 5 first hand.