57 Waterberg Luxury Accommodation

57 Waterberg Luxury Accommodation

Luxury Accommodation and a Unique Wildlife Experience at 57 Waterberg

Sadly, the future of many wild creatures has long been threatened by mankind’s growing need for space and its continued competition for natural resources. Urban sprawl, deforestation and environmental pollution have already decimated the populations of innumerable species, while some will never be seen again. Elephants and rhinos have been slaughtered without mercy, so that humans may profit from the sale of their tusks and horns, driving them ever closer to the brink of extinction.

To ensure that these and thousands of other species are not relegated to the pages of history or found only in zoos, South Africa and many other countries have established national parks to protect them and to preserve their natural environment. The parks rely on tourism for funding and game lodges, such as 57 Waterberg, provide the luxury accommodation that can serve to make an already memorable experience truly unforgettable.

Governments and charitable foundations provide the additional funds needed to maintain the parks of which some, such as the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, enjoy the protection of the United Nations’ organisation, UNESCO. Spread across the northern part of Limpopo, the mountainous massif from which the reserve takes its name towers to almost 600 metres in places and overlooks a plateau that is famed not just for the plethora of wildlife that inhabit it, but also as an area rich in the evidence of mankind’s earliest efforts to establish a foothold on the African continent.

Nestled within the biosphere is a special reserve where visitors to South Africa’s northernmost province are able to enjoy a unique encounter with nature. Should you choose to book luxury accommodation at 57 Waterberg, you will be housed in the heart of the Welgevonden Game Reserve. Covering an area of more than 38 000 hectares, the reserve is noted for its exceptional biodiversity. The park is home to more than 50 varieties of mammals, including all of the iconic Big Five, while its skies host over 300 species of birds of prey.

Only through meticulous management of the reserve has it been possible to grow and then to sustain its wildlife in such numbers. Limiting the use of vehicles and the number of concurrent visitors has created a unique private park in which the animals are totally at ease with the presence of humans, having never been subjected to the threats posed by hunters. The result is a more personalised and near unique wildlife experience for all who visit the Welgevonden Game Reserve

Equally unique, however, is that the luxury accommodation of the standard offered at 57 Waterberg should be available outside of a 5-star city hotel. Just two and a half hours by car from Johannesburg, our lodge has become a favoured destination for those in need of a weekend getaway or perhaps a romantic escape. Tastefully decorated and elegantly furnished suites offer guests an exceptional space in which each member of a family has room to do his or her thing. A private patio provides a magnificent view over the surrounding bushveld, while a crystal-clear pool provides respite from the heat of the day.

Three chef-prepared meals, plus tea and coffee breaks, add further to that feeling of sheer luxury should you decide to book your wildlife accommodation at 57 Waterberg.