Luxury Accommodation in the Bushveld

Luxury Accommodation in the Bushveld

Defining Luxury Accommodation in the Bushveld

To a dedicated camper, the prospect of luxury accommodation in the bushveld may hold little appeal, whilst a few might even regard the two as mutually-exclusive. However, among those who are fortunate enough to have actually spent a night or two at one of these exceptional wilderness venues, an overwhelming desire to return soon is more likely to have been their immediate reaction.

At the end of a hot day travelling along dusty tracks to view the wildlife, a cold shower in a handy ablution block certainly has its merits. A meal of pap and vleis prepared over a charcoal fire, followed by a well-earned sleep on a camp bed can also be a lot of fun for some. However, the appeal of a spacious and elegantly-furnished room, with an en-suite bath or shower that offers access to facilities such as a patio, a swimming pool, a cocktail bar and gourmet dining, is almost universal. Surprisingly, the chances of finding such luxury accommodation in, at least, one or two of South Africa’s more popular bushveld regions are now beginning to increase.

Some new and aspiring lodge owners may be inclined to define luxury simply as providing a roof over one’s head, access to hot and cold running water and perhaps breakfast. The more experienced hosts, however, tend to appreciate that even a so-called “home away from home” experience can still fall short of their guests’ expectations, prompting them, instead, to look for ways in which to exceed those expectations.

Limpopo, because of its elevation and despite its position on the tropic of Capricorn, offers a reasonably temperate climate that is favourable both to visitors and wildlife. Home to numerous national parks and reserves, many of which lie on or near the Waterberg Plateau, it has become one of South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations, as well as one in which to enjoy a venue that offers among the finest luxury accommodation that one is likely to encounter in any of the nation’s bushveld regions.

To begin with, it is located in the shadow of the magnificent Waterberg Mountains and in the very heart of the Welgevonden Game Reserve. This reserve is part of the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere and is home to more than 50 mammalian species, including Africa’s fabulous Big Five, as well as more than 300 varieties of birds of prey. Named Fifty Seven Waterberg, our modest title offers no clue to the exceptional facilities offered to travellers within, our walls. With their traditionally African high ceilings and thatched roofs, the five elegantly-furnished, self-contained suites that make up the sole accommodation, offer a rare mix of luxury and peace with their private patios that provide an unobstructed vista of the beautiful bushveld beyond.

No more than three hours by car from the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg and Pretoria, Fifty Seven Waterberg is popular with Gautengers who see it as the perfect refuge from the rat race when desperate for a weekend of peace and quiet. For those with their eye on a game drive, the lodge provides experienced local guides. In practice, you are more likely to get lost in one of our unusually spacious, but wonderfully comfortable and sumptuously furnished suites.

A sparkling pool and gourmet meals served under a starlit boma complete the luxury accommodation at this bushveld lodge.