If Luxury Wildlife Accommodation Is Your Thing

If Luxury Wildlife Accommodation Is Your Thing

If Luxury Wildlife Accommodation Is Your Thing

Unless you fancy a rough-and-ready spell in the South African bushveld, during which you have to rely on yourself, your own wits, and whatever shelter, food, supplies, and resources that you’ve managed to bring along with you in your vehicle, trailer, or at best, your caravan, you’ll require some other form of accommodation.

In the Heart of the Untamed Bushveld

As enjoyable, adventurous, and challenging as camping in the middle of the African bush may be for those who shun mod cons while staying in the bushveld, roughing it is for the hardy few. Most people, lovers of wildlife and nature included, prefer to enjoy luxury accommodation, even though they may be right in the heart of the untamed bushveld – an aspect of wildlife accommodation which wasn’t available or possible a few generations ago.

Modern Luxury Lodge Accommodation

However, change is the only constant – a fundamental truth if ever there was one. This is certainly so where and when modern wildlife accommodation is concerned. Luxury game lodge accommodation provides guests with numerous high-end creature comforts that are just as luxurious, if not more so than those that they’d expect to encounter in a highly developed, 5-star urban environment that has the use of cutting-edge infrastructure.

Luxury and Only Luxury

Fifty Seven Waterberg is one such wonderful 5-star lodge that offers delightful, private, and luxurious accommodation in the Welgevonden Game Reserve, situated in the lush Waterberg region of Limpopo. Moreover, our guests have the additional luxury of being accommodated in a World Heritage Site, of which the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve is a part of  (proclaimed as such by UNESCO in 2001).

Our Accommodation

Our guests at our luxury wildlife lodge are accommodated in five thatched, private chalets, which overlook the bushveld where our game roams freely, unhindered by the presence of relatively few human beings. We only admit a maximum of ten adults at any given time to ensure that the reserve remains a pristine paradise for our fauna and flora to thrive, as well as for our guests’ enjoyment today and in the future.

Each spacious chalet sleeps two adults and is identical to its four other counterparts in most respects. If luxury is your thing, wherever you may be, Fifty Seven Waterberg is the perfect wildlife lodge at which to arrange your 5-star accommodation in the Waterberg. We look forward to welcoming you.