Molenvliet Lodge Welgevonden

Molenvliet Lodge Welgevonden

The Old and Marvellous Molenvliet Lodge

Set right in the heart of the Waterberg region of South Africa’s Limpopo Province, within the privately owned Welgevonden Game Reserve, you will find our exclusive game lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, which was known as Molenvliet Lodge not too long ago, prior to the name change and upgrade.

Molenvliet Elsewhere

Molenvliet is a name with which many wine loving South Africans are familiar, so one may be forgiven for initially associating Molenvliet with this country’s primary wine producing area – Stellenbosch, the university town that’s the home of Molenvliet vineyards and wine estate.

The Molenvliet title originates from the Netherlands, as do the ancestors of many a South African of European origin. There is a Molenvliet in the south of the Netherlands, as well as in the cities of Utrecht and Rotterdam.

“Molen” is the name of the iconic Dutch mills that dot the Netherland’s countryside, powered by wind or alternatively and more commonly, water. In Dutch, “Vliet” describes a minor stream in this water rich country that lies below sea level. One can thus safely assume that the name Molenvliet was applied to streams that powered one or more mills (molen).

Welgevonden Game Reserve

Welgevonden Game Reserve also owes its name to Dutch ancestors, “Welgevonden” means “well found”. It must be said that this magnificent 35 000-hectare reserve was indeed well found, much to the delight of visitors to the old Molenvliet Game Lodge.

The Fifty Seven Waterberg Lodge today is surrounded by about 35 000 hectares of this natural wilderness, which in turn, occupies most of the UNESCO-proclaimed Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, a paradise for nature lovers, and the plants and creatures that fascinate them.

Terrain, Territory and Habitat

The terrain and landscape of Welgevonden is as varied as its indigenous wildlife species, which includes the famous Big 5. Because of the landscape’s diversity, each element of Welgevonden’s territory provides an ideal home and habitat for the species of fauna (about 129 mammals and 380 bird species) and flora (estimated to be at least 2 000 varieties) that occur here.

Welgevonden’s scenery is breathtaking, from its level mountain plateaux, densely wooded mountainsides, cleft by kloofs and valleys, to its grassy plains, richly populated with a multitude of antelope species and of course, their predators, primarily the big cats and brown hyena.

Fifty Seven Waterberg (Molenvliet) Lodge Accommodation

Privacy, peace, discreet personal service, comfort, limited guest numbers, exclusivity, warm hospitality and 5-star luxury are only some of the delights that await you at Fifty Seven Waterberg.

Each one of our five spacious, luxurious guest suites makes the most of you stay and wildlife experience in Welgevonden, where one visit is never enough. We look forward to welcoming you as often as you please.