Helderwater – non-profit charity trust

We’re pleased to establish the Helderwater charity trust for our employees’ and greater community’s children. To ensure a bright future of our beautiful country, we believe in investing in our children’s education.


The need for quality education in the Vaalwater area pushed education costs through the roof and thus the Helderwater Charity Trust was established.

  1. The primary goal is to fund quality education to children in our community starting with
    a. Employees’ children


  1. Funding for:
    a.Primary & secondary school
    b. University
    c. Special needs
    d. Sports


  1. Funded by:
    a. 57 Waterberg initial startup
    b. 57 Waterberg through monthly fixed
    c. 57 Waterberg % profit on certain sales such as curio
    d. Guests’ donations

Please get in touch if you would like to make a donation.