Luxury Private Game Lodge South Africa

Luxury Private Game Lodge South Africa

Luxurious, Private, Intrinsically African – Fifty Seven Waterberg Game Lodge

Private establishments, like game lodges, and private facilities and services, such as those which form part of the guest services and experience at private game lodges in South Africa, were once primarily just that – reserved for invited guests and those who made reservations for accommodation, and not open or accessible to the general public.

Imbued with Luxury

Nonetheless, nowadays, a private game lodge experience is one which is imbued with luxury. Consequently, in modern day speak, a game lodge that is private is automatically understood and expected to be luxurious – key features of our guests’ stay at Fifty Seven Waterberg, our private and exclusive game lodge in Limpopo’s Waterberg region.

Enjoyed and Appreciated

South Africans, like people anywhere else in the world, love their luxuries. Who can blame them for doing so? Luxuries are designed to provide one with creature comforts at standards and levels which are way beyond being deemed necessary or essential, and this by no means alters the fact that indulgent luxuries are simply delightful, and are appreciated and enjoyed by all Fifty Seven Waterberg’s select private game lodge guests.

Not all that long ago, luxury as we know it in the sophisticated 21st century simply did not exist in remote areas like the South African bushveld, miles away from the universally accepted and expected infrastructure and trappings of modern cities and civilisation, which mankind tends to take for granted.

Surprise and Delight in South Africa

Contrary to one’s usual expectations or perceptions of conditions in the unspoiled bushveld, many of our guests at Fifty Seven Waterberg in South Africa are still surprised and delighted with the luxury at our game lodge, in the midst of an untamed, undeveloped, natural, and pristine wilderness reserve, where the wellbeing of wild animals and natural vegetation is a priority.

Despite wildlife’s crucial importance and our dedicated commitment to maintain the health, integrity, and conservation of nature in our reserve and region, the privacy, comfort, and luxurious game lodge accommodation and services extended to our guests remains uncompromisingly grand and elegant, and comfortably comprehensive.

In the Interest of Privacy and Luxury

A maximum number of ten adult guests are accommodated at Fifty Seven Waterberg at a time, in one of only five, super spacious, private, and luxuriously appointed suites, which offer astonishing views of the bushveld and its animal inhabitants. In keeping guest numbers limited, we are able to provide our guests with the superb five-star luxury and wildlife experiences for which we are known.

One imagines that the game animals which roam freely throughout the terrain surrounding Fifty Seven Waterberg’s private game lodge must surely be aware that they are in a wildlife paradise. It is our wish that our guests feel similarly during their luxurious lodge experience with us at Fifty Seven Waterberg.