Big 5 Game Lodge

Big 5 Game Lodge

Finding the Perfect Game Lodge to Experience the Big 5

First coined by the big game hunters who stalked their prey among the various countries of southern Africa, the term “big 5” has since become popular throughout the world. Today, the prospect of a stay in a game lodge and the chance to witness one or more of the five in their natural habitat has developed an appeal amongst tourists and wildlife enthusiasts that is almost universal. While poaching continues to be a serious problem in South Africa, the country has achieved more than most in its efforts to improve the security of reserves and to provide a habitat in which these magnificent creatures can continue to thrive in comparative safety.

Consisting of the African elephant, the African lion, the Cape buffalo, the African Leopard and the black or white rhinoceros, one of the best regions to spot all of the Big 5 in South Africa is to be found in the country’s northernmost province of Limpopo. Known as the Welgevonden Game Reserve, it is a protected area that is host to more than 50 mammalian species, including a number that are unique to the region.

Today a game drive means something rather different from those traditionally undertaken in the past. Armed with digital cameras rather than rifles, today’s “hunters” seek to capture mementos of their encounters in the form of high-definition photographs, rather than the pelt or the mounted head of some hapless creature. Nevertheless, the Big 5 were so named not because of their size, but because they were the most difficult and dangerous to hunt. To view them in safety, finding a game lodge that offers the services of an experienced guide is essential. At a venue such as Fifty Seven Waterberg, not only will you be in the care of a guide who understands the dangers and knows how to avoid them, but you will be guided by one who also knows all of the places that are most likely to provide good sightings.

In keeping with the principles of eco-tourism, providing employment and other income opportunities for local, indigenous populations, as well as safeguarding the region’s flora and fauna are mandatory requirements for those operating in protected environments. While Fifty Seven Waterberg undertakes to uphold these important principles to the letter, our owners have spared no expense in their efforts to ensure the comfort of our guests, or in making their stay both a productive and an enjoyable one.

Just about a three-hour drive from Johannesburg and a little less from Pretoria, our game lodge is located in a malaria-free area and offers the traveller an unexpected taste of luxury. This is no campsite or hostel with tents, braais and ablution blocks, but instead an oasis of luxury in the heart of the bushveld. Our exceptionally spacious suites provide guests with king sized beds, a private patio, and top-quality furnishings and fittings that are the equal of those in any of the country’s finest 5-star hotels.

For those who, between the game drives, do not require full board, our facilities also provide for a self-catering stay that includes the same freedom of access to the bar and pool area. Where better to enjoy your Big 5 encounter than our elegant game lodge?