Big 5 Game Lodge South Africa

Big 5 Game Lodge South Africa

High Fives at Our South African Big 5 Game Lodge

Our South African game lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, is known as a Big 5 establishment, which is a name that draws visitors from near and far, and one of the reasons that accommodation at our lodge is in such high demand is our close association with these five wild animals.

Of all the numerous species of game animals that occur naturally in South Africa, none have the allure of the world famous Big 5 – the African lion, African elephant, African leopard, Cape buffalo, and African rhino.

Not Size nor Diet

It’s to be expected that the African elephant would be a member of this select group of Big 5 game animals, since it is the biggest land mammal in the world. However, size is not the primary reason why these five species are collectively so named. Only two of them are predators and carnivores; the remaining three are herbivores, so this isn’t common ground to group them.

Big Game Hunters

During the 18th century, men who made their living as professional hunters, trophy hunters, or as traders in wild animal skins, tusks and other usable body parts, hunted on foot. Although they may have travelled on horseback, by wagon or later, by motorised vehicles to the general area where they were to track the animals they wanted to bag, the actual hunt still took place on foot.

Being on foot and attempting to make a single, lethal kill shot without fatal consequences for themselves, hunters attempted to get as close as possible to their prey. However, this left them very exposed to nature’s wild creatures, which are likely to attack if cornered. The game that these early hunters viewed as being the most dangerous to hunt and difficult to kill, they called the Big 5, and so they’ve remained.

Shooting Photographs at Fifty Seven Waterberg

 Fifty Seven Waterberg is situated in the Welgevonden Game Reserve, a 35 000 plus hectare conservation reserve in the UNESCO proclaimed Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, so conservation, preservation and appreciation of South Africa’s Big 5, other game animals, and the natural, indigenous habitat and vegetation is of utmost importance in our defined area.

The only game and Big 5 shooting you’ll do, is through the lens of a camera – and you’ll have ample opportunities to view and shoot memorable pictures of most of the region’s wild creatures. Twice daily, during early mornings and just before dusk is about to settle over the land, our friendly, knowledgeable guide will take you out to areas where game is likely to be found.

Your photographic endeavours are not only restricted to big game animals; more than 300 bird species inhabit the greater Waterberg area, making the region a genuine Eden for wild creatures of all descriptions, as well as the human beings – our guests at Fifty Seven Waterberg – who love an authentic, intimate South African wildlife experience, coupled with luxury game lodge accommodation.

 High Fives for our Stars

 At Fifty Seven Waterberg, our stars are not only the renowned Big 5 or the bright heavenly bodies that you’ll see in the South African night skies over our game lodge. The lodge itself sports 5 stars, ensuring that your entire stay, in all its aspects, ranks amongst the best that South Africa has to offer. It’s High Fives all the way.