High Fives to the Big 5 at Our Accommodation

High Fives to the Big 5 at Our Accommodation

High Fives to the Big 5 at Our Accommodation

It may be mere coincidence or chance, or perhaps it’s some type of sign – who knows? The number 5 crops up all over the place at Fifty Seven Waterberg, like our luxury game lodge that offers so-called Big 5 game-viewing opportunities. However, before we explore the other fives, let’s take a look at the renowned Big 5 species that lend their number to our game lodge, its reserve, and our accommodation.

African Elephant

 This peaceful-looking big creature is the largest land mammal in the world. Herds may consist of many members, most of which have a familial connection. Each herd is led by a matriarch, usually the oldest female. Despite their peaceful appearance, elephants will charge if they feel threatened, particularly when mothers have small calves or they become separated, and when bulls are in musth.

Cape Buffalo

 Considered the most dangerous big-game animal by hunters, the Cape buffalo is notoriously unpredictable. When one buffalo charges, the entire herd may follow suit. Often, the prey of lions, sworn enemies of the buffalo, a herd of buffalo may charge lions en masse in attack mode. When wounded or threatened, buffalo have also been known to double back on their trail, in order to wait in ambush for their pursuer. Sharp pointed, curved horns are used to great effect to hook, impale, and toss the buffalo’s enemy, which may also be trampled.

African Lion

 The lion is considered to be Africa’s alpha predator. African lions are the only big cats that live in social family groups or prides. Fiercely territorial maned males mark the pride’s territory, which they patrol to ensure that other prides or bachelor males in search of a pride of females do not encroach. Females go off on their own to give birth to cubs, only returning to the pride when the cubs are stronger. The females hunt to feed the pride.

African Leopard

 Leopards are shy, solitary cats. Males and females only come together to mate, after which the lone female is solely responsible for caring for her cubs until they’re able to hunt for themselves. At this stage, mother and cubs part company and the cycle repeats itself. Leopards are strong, excellent climbers, often taking the carcasses of their prey into the fork of a tree branch, where they can safely be consumed, away from thieving competitors like lions and hyenas.

African Rhinoceros

 There are two rhino species in South Africa – the black and the white rhino. Because of poaching of rhino horns, both species are endangered now, whereas previously, the black rhino was most endangered. The mouth or lip shapes make identification easy. A white rhino is a grazer and has a broad, almost square shaped mouth, fit for grazing. Black rhinos have a pointed upper lip, perfect for browsing on leaves and shoots overhead.

High Fives to the Other Fives

 The first five occurs in our lodge’s name – Fifty Seven Waterberg.

  • The Big 5 game species are found here.
  • As a game lodge offering luxury accommodation, we have 5 stars.
  • Our guest accommodation is offered in 5 spacious luxury suites

After highlighting the proliferation of the number 5 that occurs so frequently in reference to various aspects of our luxury game lodge and its accommodation, we expect that you will probably be itching to book your stay with us. Give us a call today.