Waterberg’s Welgevonden Private Game Reserve Awaits your Arrival

Waterberg’s Welgevonden Private Game Reserve Awaits your Arrival

Waterberg’s Welgevonden Private Game Reserve Awaits your Arrival

Have you ever wished that there were fewer tourists, sight seers, holiday makers, and visitors surrounding you in one of South Africa’s game reserves that are open to the public at large. Most will answer with a resounding “yes”.

Game Viewing in Small, Select Groups

You are not alone in your wish, yet that does not mean that you and others of a similar mindset are loners or selfish. You simply want to experience the African wildlife as though you are alone or part of a very small, select group of likeminded game viewing enthusiasts, in the heart of the untamed bushveld.

Not Very Far to Go

Where will you go for your next bushveld holiday, long weekend, or getaway in South Africa?  If you live in Pretoria, Johannesburg, or Gauteng, or you are travelling from elsewhere in this country or abroad to OR Tambo International Airport, you do not have to go very far. The Waterberg region of the Limpopo Province is a mere three odd hours’ drive by road from Johannesburg, the airport, or Pretoria.

A World Away in Ageless Untamed Bushveld

Despite our relative proximity to these centres and urban facilities, Welgevonden Game Reserve, and our exclusive game lodge in the reserve, Fifty Seven Waterberg, are a whole world away in the scenic beauty, amongst a rich variety of game and vegetation, and sense of the tranquillity that is typical of the ageless, untamed African bushveld in its purest, natural state, seemingly devoid of the presence of other humans.

A Matter of Privacy

Fifty Seven Waterberg is privately tucked away on the fifty-seventh portion of Welgevonden Game Reserve, a 35 000 hectare private game park in the Waterberg district of Limpopo. On the all-important subject of privacy, Fifty Seven Waterberg is also a private game lodge, which only accommodates a maximum of ten adult guests at any given time, to ensure guests privacy, and to give them the desired sense of bushveld solitude and our ability to offer them private, personal service.

Accommodation is provided in five private guest suites, thatched and designed to blend with the bushveld terrain, and located away from one another and the main lodge buildings to ensure guests’ privacy and a true, authentic bushveld experience.

All five spacious chalets are similarly appointed, with two exceptions. The two honeymoon suites each feature an inviting hot tub, installed on its timber deck, perfect for relaxing with your favourite drink without missing views of passing game and the lush surrounding Welgevonden vegetation – sheer bushveld bliss.

A Few Welgevonden Differences

  • Rolling, richly vegetated hills, gorges, and rocky ravines, interspersed with areas of flatter plains, create the ideal habitat for each of our indigenous game species, including the Big Five.
  • Rich in wild and bird life (more than 300 documented bird species).
  • Guided game viewing safaris that take visitors to the varying best spots and scenes of kills and animals doing as nature intended, minimally or completely undisturbed by a limited number of safari vehicles and their occupants

Upon arrival at Welgevonden Game Reserve, private vehicles are parked safely at the West Gate, from where guests are collected by a Fifty Seven Waterberg game viewing vehicle. This is where your Welgevonden holiday begins, without the need to lift a finger or touch a steering wheel – bringing you lovely five-star luxury. When may we expect you?