Wildlife Accommodation

Wildlife Accommodation

How Our Wildlife Accommodation Melds Luxurious Living with Untamed Nature

When the thought of an African adventure enters your mind, what sensory experiences emerge? Do you envision a blazing, unapologetic sunrise banishing the night? Perhaps you smell the copper-hued dirt wafting up in the wake of your exciting game drive? Or do you hear the doleful dusk groan of the male lion protecting his pride? Africa is, if anything, exquisitely fierce. It is for this reason that travellers from across the globe make their way to our beautiful country to live themselves into all the beauty South African nature has to offer. If you are also seeking wildlife accommodation, then our game lodge is perfect for you.

A Luxury Getaway Not Too Far from Home

Because we are set in the Welgevonden Game Reserve in the Waterberg District of Limpopo, South Africa, we are only about three hours away from Pretoria and Johannesburg. Though it is not a far drive at all, a stay at our wildlife accommodation will leave you feeling as though you have escaped to an entirely different country on the continent. We are surrounded by 35 000 hectares of untouched conservation land, and a stay with us means that you are right in the backyard of the famous Big Five.

The Perfect Break from the Mundane

It is not just stressful meetings and deadlines that call for a vacation, but also the mundane and repetitive daily routine that seems to hold no adventure. If you are seeking to explore an inspired side to South Africa you have never before seen, then our wildlife accommodation is the place to do it. The Welgevonden Game Reserve itself forms part of the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve. Apart from getting to spot the Big Five, our guests are treated to sightings of over 50 species of mammals and more than 300 species of birdlife. With the services of a well-trained and knowledgeable local guide, you will get the most of out of your time spent with us.

If you are passionate about cuisine, then you will also be glad to know that we offer our guests fabulous five-star dining with rich, exotic flavours reflective of our breathtaking surroundings. Our top-tier wildlife accommodation also (and most importantly) features spacious, ultra-exclusive rooms that offer all the privacy you need. Beautifully furnished, each of our ten suites features a private patio and ceaseless view of the magnificent bushveld before them.

The Welgevonden Game Reserve’s Protection of Biodiversity

The Welgevonden Game Reserve itself has taken superb technological measures to ensure the protection of their wildlife. With the help of IBM, the University of Wageningen, and MTN Connected Wildlife, the Welgevonden Game Reserve has implemented a first-of-its-kind, Internet of Things technology called the Wildlife Protection Programme. This technology makes use of A.I to track animal behaviour to detect when poachers have entered the game reserve. By collaring animals of prey, such as antelope, the team can track any unusual behaviour that marks a threat as being close, and thus pinpoint the entry and movement of poachers in the park. Guests interested in animal conservation will enjoy this innovative technology.

For a wildlife accommodation that does it all, from luxury lodging and dining to seeing the Big Five up close and in person, make your booking with us today.