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Warm Winter Welcome to Welgevonden Game Reserve Are you familiar with the Waterberg region in South Africa’s Limpopo Province, or more specifically, the wonderful Waterberg’s welcoming Welgevonden Game Reserve? If you are, you have possibly already experienced the incredible bushveld atmosphere, amazing wildlife, sensational scenic beauty, and private, luxury game lodge accommodation. If not, you are definitely in for a rare treat.

Privacy Assured at Premier Private Game Lodge Once, long ago, when the class system amongst people of varying economic backgrounds was strictly observed, “private” may have indicated that the person who wanted or sought privacy was unhappy, or was a loner who was somewhat odd.

Luxury Accommodation Meets You in Waterberg’s Wilderness  If you love luxury and you also love the pristine, untamed South African bushveld and its great diversity of fauna and flora, how do you possibly find and choose suitable accommodation without compromising on the standards and experiences that are presented by either one or both of your seemingly contradictory loves?

Journey to the World of Wildlife, Luxury Accommodation Included   Modern mankind is fortunate. People have choices and the freedom to decide what constitutes their own, individual likes, dislikes, and priorities. Some focus on the simplest of things, whilst others may have the same or similar values,...

Luxury Lodge Accommodation in Welgevonden, by Fifty Seven Waterberg   Welgevonden Game Reserve is located in the Waterberg, a region of South Africa’s Limpopo Province that is roughly a three-hour easy drive from Gauteng’s major cities, Johannesburg and Pretoria. It is a private reserve and conservation...

Bushveld Accommodation That Epitomises Five-Star Luxury   Providing accommodation to paying guests is typically a complex, somewhat challenging business, because as challenging as it may seem, a hosting establishment always strives to attempt to please all the people, all the time. Such a dream goal is...

The Welgevonden Game Reserve – A Great Find Undoubtedly, the great Kruger National Park, one of the biggest, most iconic game reserves in the world, comes to mind when people speak of South African game parks. However, there are considerably more game conservancy areas than just the Kruger, and to an extent, we like it that way at Fifty Seven Waterberg, our private game lodge that is situated within the wonderful Welgevonden Game Reserve in the province of Limpopo in South Africa.

It’s High Fives for a 5-Star Limpopo Game Lodge When you’re a guest at our prestigious game lodge in Limpopo’s Welgevonden Game Reserve, you’ll immediately detect that you’re enjoying true, warm South African hospitality in a 5-star establishment, notwithstanding the fact that you’re in an untamed natural wilderness.

If Luxury Wildlife Accommodation Is Your Thing Unless you fancy a rough-and-ready spell in the South African bushveld, during which you have to rely on yourself, your own wits, and whatever shelter, food, supplies, and resources that you’ve managed to bring along with you in your vehicle, trailer, or at best, your caravan, you’ll require some other form of accommodation.

Welcoming Private Lodge Accommodation at Welgevonden’s Fifty Seven Waterberg When asked about game reserves in South Africa, many first think of the Kruger National Park, which is this country’s longest established, most well-known game park that has been open to the public since the early 1920s.