Ranger Diaries

Capturing World-Class Wildlife Accommodation It is lights, camera, action at Welgevonden Game Reserve, a private wildlife sanctuary of note, and the place we call home. Here, our premier game lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, offers our guests luxury five-star accommodation, enabling them to enjoy the very best...

First-Class, Full Spectrum Wildlife Accommodation At Fifty Seven Waterberg, our luxurious five-star private game lodge in the Waterberg, we offer superb accommodation and exclusive guest facilities to visitors to the Waterberg who book their stay with us. By the same token, the natural accommodation provided for the indigenous wildlife species in our part of the Waterberg can also be classified as superb, perhaps even luxurious too, from a wild animal’s “perspective”.

What Luxury Accommodation Means at Fifty Seven Waterberg If you like, appreciate, enjoy, and expect the finer things in life, wherever you may be, you probably love luxury in all things – motor vehicles, first-class air travel, exclusive clothing and club memberships, designer labels, superior service, and the best address and accommodation, at home, when travelling, and while on holiday or away on a brief leisure break.

On Location in Our Luxury Private Game Lodge Reserve We are delighted that our home, Welgevonden Game Reserve, was chosen as the location of a new MTN ad, which is focused on the preservation and protection of wildlife, especially those which are endangered, and also serves to spread the conservation message that is so dear to us.

Warm Winter Welcome to Welgevonden Game Reserve Are you familiar with the Waterberg region in South Africa’s Limpopo Province, or more specifically, the wonderful Waterberg’s welcoming Welgevonden Game Reserve? If you are, you have possibly already experienced the incredible bushveld atmosphere, amazing wildlife, sensational scenic beauty, and private, luxury game lodge accommodation. If not, you are definitely in for a rare treat.

Privacy Assured at Premier Private Game Lodge Once, long ago, when the class system amongst people of varying economic backgrounds was strictly observed, “private” may have indicated that the person who wanted or sought privacy was unhappy, or was a loner who was somewhat odd.

Luxury Accommodation Meets You in Waterberg’s Wilderness  If you love luxury and you also love the pristine, untamed South African bushveld and its great diversity of fauna and flora, how do you possibly find and choose suitable accommodation without compromising on the standards and experiences that are presented by either one or both of your seemingly contradictory loves?

Journey to the World of Wildlife, Luxury Accommodation Included   Modern mankind is fortunate. People have choices and the freedom to decide what constitutes their own, individual likes, dislikes, and priorities. Some focus on the simplest of things, whilst others may have the same or similar values,...