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How We Do Big Five Bushveld Accommodation Differently

There is something about the natural world that grounds us, enables us to once again feel connected with planet earth, and puts us back in touch with our own souls. Immersing yourself in such an environment is not just the ideal getaway from daily stress, but it is a superb way to calm the mind and body. Our five-star bushveld accommodation is a little different to your typical wildlife lodge, however, as we have perfected the art of melding opulent living with an untamed adventure.

Passionate About Wildlife Conservation? Book a Stay with Our Accommodation

Most people who choose to stay in a wildlife accommodation lodge do so because they enjoy the natural world and are fond of animals. Seeing various species of fauna and flora thriving in their natural habitat is a joy greater than anything else for some, and the relaxing tranquillity of the African bushveld offers the soul a wondrous escape. When staying with us, you are unknowingly taking part in a significant effort towards nature conservation and the saving of our continent’s precious rhino.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Fifty Seven Waterberg Game Lodge

If you are seeking to stay at a game lodge in the Waterberg Region, then you might know that there are quite a few in the area. What stands out about us at Fifty Seven Waterberg, however, is that our lodge offers five-star accommodation and the opportunity to spot the famous Big Five. Here, we answer a few common queries about our Waterberg lodge and give you some great reasons to book your stay with us.

Enjoy Unparalleled Five-Star Elegance with Our Luxury Game Lodge

Few things in life are as thrilling as getting up close and personal with the famous Big Five in their natural habitat. Seeing nature in all its uncaged, wild, and free glory is a profound and extraordinary experience that not everyone will have the chance to enjoy. If you, however, are looking for such an experience, then a visit to our luxury game lodge is surely one you will never forget. Here, we warmly welcome each guest into opulent sophistication, while still nestled amongst 35 000 hectares of raw and unfiltered South African beauty.

How Our Wildlife Accommodation Melds Luxurious Living with Untamed Nature

When the thought of an African adventure enters your mind, what sensory experiences emerge? Do you envision a blazing, unapologetic sunrise banishing the night? Perhaps you smell the copper-hued dirt wafting up in the wake of your exciting game drive? Or do you hear the doleful dusk groan of the male lion protecting his pride? Africa is, if anything, exquisitely fierce. It is for this reason that travellers from across the globe make their way to our beautiful country to live themselves into all the beauty South African nature has to offer. If you are also seeking wildlife accommodation, then our game lodge is perfect for you.

4 Reasons to Book A Stay at Our Limpopo Game Lodge Accommodation

The Limpopo province in South Africa is a popular destination for a game lodge stay, as accommodation in the area is easy to come by. But if you are looking for something a little more exceptional than a typical bushveld vacation, then a visit to our world-class Fifty Seven Waterberg lodge is in order. Whether you are seeking a mini weekend vacation or a romantic getaway for two, allow us to be your first-class favourite.

Fifty Seven Waterberg: Luxury Accommodation in the Heart of the Welgevonden Game Reserve If you are looking for luxury accommodation that is nestled in the heart of a UNESCO world heritage site, then look no further. Our private lodge is located in the Welgevonden Game Reserve, which forms a part of the larger Waterberg Biosphere. This natural wonder gained UNESCO recognition in 2001 and is revered for its abundance of flora, an impressive array of exotic wildlife, awe-inspiring views, and conservation endeavours. If you are passionate about exploring the great outdoors and want to get away from the stress of the city, then Welgevonden Game Reserve should be on your agenda.

Luxury Private Game Lodge: Three Hours from Johannesburg And Pretoria Fifty Seven Waterberg is a Luxury Private Game Lodge like no other. Set in the heart of the Welgevonden Game Reserve, it offers guests a taste of nature as they have never experienced it before. If you are looking for an easy escape from the city and want to enjoy the wonders of the African Bush, then book your stay with us today. Located a mere three-hour drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria, we are an easy weekend getaway and offer guests the chance to escape the traffic and the stress of the city.

Luxury Accommodation in the Heart of the Welgevonden Game Reserve If you are looking for luxury accommodation with a difference, then you have come to the right place. Fifty Seven Waterberg is nestled in the Welgevonden Game Reserve and boasts tranquillity, opulence, and true African charm. If you are looking for a safari escape, then we are the place for you. Located only three hours by car from Johannesburg and Pretoria, we are the perfect place to relax after a busy week. Escaping the humdrum of the city could not be easier with us on your side.

Fifty Seven Waterberg: Luxury Game Lodge Accommodation in Limpopo   Welgevonden Game Reserve in Limpopo is a must-visit location for anyone who loves adventure. It is located three and a half hours away from Johannesburg and three hours from Pretoria by car and thus a perfect accommodation spot for a weekend away. Our private game lodge is nestled in the heart of this paradise and is the perfect accommodation escape for anyone who wants to explore the magic of Limpopo and its natural wonder.