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How to Combine an Awesome Wildlife Experience with Luxury Accommodation Given the celebrity status that is now enjoyed worldwide by Africa’s iconic Big Five, no safari adventure can really be regarded as complete if it does not offer the opportunity to spot each of this famed wildlife quintet. Among the regions of South Africa where this is possible, Limpopo has grown to become one of the most popular. As a result, this northernmost province now attracts large numbers of both local and international visitors throughout the year. To cope with this influx, there has been a parallel growth in guest accommodation and a portion of this has been aimed at those who would prefer to offset the demands of their bushveld venture with a touch of luxury.

How Would You Define a 5-Star Game Lodge? The excitement of a game drive is something that everyone should experience at some time, and South Africans are especially privileged to live in a country that offers so many opportunities to pursue what, for many of those living overseas, is likely to remain just a distant dream. Even on the outskirts of our cities, it is not too difficult to find a lion or cheetah park, or perhaps a crocodile farm where one can spend an hour or two viewing these exotic creatures in their natural habitat. Such a brief excursion, however, amounts to a mere taste of what is possible, should you decide, instead, to devote a full weekend to visiting one of the country’s larger wildlife reserves.

Exceptional Wildlife Accommodation in Limpopo at Rates You Can Afford Given the widespread appeal of a province that is just as famous for its natural beauty, geology, challenging climbs, rock art and prehistoric ruins, as it is for its prolific and diverse wildlife, it should be no real surprise that the demand for short-term accommodation in Limpopo remains high throughout the year. However, just as the facilities offered by the many hotels, guest houses and game lodges that serve visitors to the region tend to vary quite markedly, so too do the rates charged by their owners.

Luxury Accommodation and a Unique Wildlife Experience at 57 Waterberg Sadly, the future of many wild creatures has long been threatened by mankind’s growing need for space and its continued competition for natural resources. Urban sprawl, deforestation and environmental pollution have already decimated the populations of innumerable species, while some will never be seen again. Elephants and rhinos have been slaughtered without mercy, so that humans may profit from the sale of their tusks and horns, driving them ever closer to the brink of extinction.

For the Best Possible Wildlife Experience, You Need Luxury Accommodation South Africans, overall, are well adjusted to the outdoor life and many are never more at home than when trekking through the bushveld with a backpack and a supply of biltong to sustain them. However, this particular scenario is certainly not everyone’s idea of a good time and may seem more like participating in one of those TV survival shows. For anyone who may be visiting the country from overseas and who is unfamiliar with the challenges of life in the bush, such a prospect could well see them simply choosing to tour the Garden Route from the comfort of a motorhome instead.

Ensure Malaria-Free Accommodation for a Safe Bushveld Experience It is an alarming fact that the female anopheles mosquito is responsible for more human deaths than great white sharks, man-eating tigers, rogue elephants and all the alpha predators, plus venomous snakes, scorpions and poisonous spiders, put together. It is estimated that up to 550 million people may have contracted malaria in 2010 alone, and that as many as 1.24 million of those may have died. Such figures should certainly spur most people to give some serious thought to finding malaria-free accommodation when planning a bushveld adventure. In fact, this could prove to be a far more effective precaution than simply taking a chance on one of the, frequently unreliable, prophylactics recommended by a pharmacist or family doctor.

Defining Luxury Accommodation in the Bushveld To a dedicated camper, the prospect of luxury accommodation in the bushveld may hold little appeal, whilst a few might even regard the two as mutually-exclusive. However, among those who are fortunate enough to have actually spent a night or two at one of these exceptional wilderness venues, an overwhelming desire to return soon is more likely to have been their immediate reaction.

Why So Many Tourists Now Want Accommodation in the Waterberg Established as the first such park in South Africa in 1926, the Kruger National Park quickly became a magnet for wildlife enthusiasts and has remained so for the better part of a century. Given the huge number of visitors that, each year, flock to this iconic venue, both from within the country and from overseas, the park authorities have been required to adopt a more commercial policy that caters for the needs of the tourist, as well as for those of the wildlife. The policy has seen the establishment of franchised fast food outlets, souvenir shops and, a steady increase in the prices of admission and accommodation, resulting in many more travelling to Waterberg venues, east of the Kruger.

What Makes a 5-Star Game Lodge Experience? Given the continued weakness of our currency, fewer South Africans are able to enjoy overseas vacations than was the case in the past. Fortunately, the ailing rand has also made our country more attractive to international travellers, who are assured of exceptional value in exchange for their much-needed dollars and pounds.

Where to Enjoy Both Luxury and the Ultimate Wildlife Experience While not everyone’s idea of the ultimate wildlife experience is likely to be the same, most people will tend to agree on what they believe constitutes luxury. When a traveller is fortunate enough to encounter both of these in a single location, he or she is doubly blessed. That said, one of the locations where enjoying this combination is more than possible lies to the north of the country, in the province of Limpopo. Bordering Mpumalanga to the east and accommodating the westernmost third of the massive Kruger National Park, not surprisingly, the region boasts an impressive array of animal and plant species – many of which are rare and often exclusive to the area.