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A Warm Welcome to our Welgevonden Private Game Lodge Private game lodges, which offer accommodation to nature loving guests, are the latest additions that enhance visitors’ game reserve experiences to a significant extent, far superior to what was previously available in and at most game parks, reserves and game farms. The renowned Kruger National Park now has certain sections which are designated as private reserves, inclusive of private game lodges for guests who want or expect a superior bushveld experience and luxurious standards of accommodation and service. Even though our private game lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, isn’t situated among the Kruger Park’s exclusive establishments, we do offer those seeking the private game safari experience a lot…

How a Private Game Farm Became a Private Game Reserve Once, most things that were private were subjects, objects, parts or remote, secluded places that were so confidential that they were seldom shared, spoken of, written or heard about. Anything private was largely “no go” for others. These days, however, privacy is increasingly valued, particularly by discerning people who have the wherewithal to afford privacy. Consequently, “privacy” now also commonly indicates privilege and exclusivity in aspects of life that are not intended for or available to the public and other random persons. In the days when game was free to roam at will in southern Africa, farmers who made a living off the land in an area in which wild animals occurred had game on their agricultural properties, but certain species were viewed as pests. Herbivores destroyed crops, while carnivores preyed upon farmers’ cattle and sheep. Game was hunted, often indiscriminately, and if on your own property, game was yours to do with as you pleased.

Luxury Lodge Accommodation Establishments’ Vital Role in Conservation As the popularity of visiting South Africa’s game parks and nature reserves increased, so too did the inadequate provision of accommodation at traditional rest camps. Overcrowded camp facilities and too many noisy tourists in vehicles at animal kills or sightings were the result. Consequently, the need for alternative and additional accommodation had grown.

Welgevonden’s Lovely 5-Star Luxury Accommodation   If you are amongst the folks who are accustomed to extravagance at home, you may think that there are few, if any, 5-star luxury accommodations that hold anything new or surprising in store for you. You are not to be criticised if you have become somewhat blasé about all things luxurious. Living and playing according to one’s means and acquiring the best that your money can buy is almost part of the human condition in the 21st century. As a lover of and subscriber to luxury, you may feel that you have “seen, (or experienced) it all”. One question remains, however, and that is: Have you visited the Welgevonden Private Game Reserve? Here, you can experience incredible natural beauty, wild animals roaming freely in their natural habitat, as well as the awesome hospitality at Fifty Seven Waterberg, our game lodge, tucked away in this premier paradise.

Bountiful Big 5 Game Species in Welgevonden The iconic Big 5 game species have become so well known all over the world that most lovers of African bushveld safaris are probably able to list these animals instantly – the fiercely territorial and powerful African Lion, the seemingly cunning Cape Buffalo, much feared by many a big game hunter of old, the strong, silent and solitary African Leopard, the unpredictable, poor-sighted Rhino and the staunchly matriarchal African Elephant. At Fifty Seven Waterberg, our exclusive private Big 5 game lodge, situated in the heart of the privately owned Welgevonden Game Reserve, we are fortunate to have bountiful numbers of the Big 5, more than 50 mammal species and more than 300 beautiful bird species, all roaming (and flying) freely in their natural, indigenous habitat.

5 Stars for 57 Waterberg Game Lodge in Welgevonden  The stars in the sky have always been with mankind, as far as we can tell. Man has also always been fascinated by the sun, moon and stars, worshipping one or more of them during religious rituals pertaining to certain ancient cultures. Night time’s canopy of twinkling stars in the sky is incredibly beautiful and romantic, without a doubt. In turn, scientists continue to study the galaxies, planets and stars, since there is still so much about them that remains a mystery. Formerly unknown galaxies, stars and planets are regularly being discovered

Come to Welgevonden and Let Luxury Find You In the heart of the Welgevonden Game Reserve, on the 57th portion of this reserve - you’ll find our exclusive 5-star game lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, where our guest accommodation and amenities are unashamedly luxurious, but never excessive. Descriptions such as “the very essence of elegant, sophisticated yet understated luxury” are entirely accurate. Even so, we have been careful to pay homage to the mighty African continent which inspires various and numerous aspects of our décor elements.

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Competitive Prices for Wonderful Waterberg Lodge Accommodation It’s a new year and a good time to plan your holiday or weekend getaways for the next 11 months, if you haven’t done so already. Certain types of holidays and particular destinations are so sought after and popular that it’s best to book your accommodation well in advance, the sooner the better, if you want to avoid disappointment and having to change your plans. Accommodation in wildlife reserves tends to be fully booked rather long in advance, since the number of game parks in South Africa is finite, while accommodation is always in demand, both by fellow South Africans and visitors from overseas countries.

Welgevonden, from Farm to Five-Star Game Lodge Accommodation Like so many other spectacular places in South Africa, Welgevonden Game Reserve was once a farm that was known by the same name, Welgevonden, a name later used as that of the reserve which would be established here.