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[vc_row][vc_column width='1/3'][/vc_column][vc_column width='2/3'] Denham's Bustard Previously known as Stanley’s bustard (Neotis denhami) and known in Xhosa as 'Epwezampundu'. The question everyone asks is “Why ‘Bustard’”? By pronunciation it's the same as ''bastard'' but with a different spelling and meaning. “Bustard” is a name adopted from the French...

High Fives to the Big 5 at Our Accommodation It may be mere coincidence or chance, or perhaps it’s some type of sign – who knows? The number 5 crops up all over the place at Fifty Seven Waterberg, like our luxury game lodge that offers so-called Big 5 game-viewing opportunities. However, before we explore the other fives, let’s take a look at the renowned Big 5 species that lend their number to our game lodge, its reserve, and our accommodation.

A Special Luxury Game Lodge in a Special South African Reserve Do you know what the quickest, easiest way is to find a luxury game lodge in South Africa? Without a doubt, most people, be they South Africans or visitors to this country from abroad, will immediately go to the internet in their search for such prestigious accommodation, probably by entering the keywords “luxury game lodge South Africa”, and they’ll be presented with any number of prospective choices. One of these truly special lodges on the prospect list is bound to be Fifty Seven Waterberg, our 5-star luxury game lodge formerly known as Molenvliet Lodge, located in the Welgevonden Private Game Reserve. Welgevonden is part of the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve on a UNESCO World Heritage Site, declared as such in 2001, and a special place amongst many in South Africa.

The Advantages of Luxury Private Game Lodges Compared to Other Alternatives There are four words that are synonymous with enjoying an entire holiday or shorter break in one of South Africa’s iconic bushveld wilderness areas, without any compromise on the standard of luxury creature comforts. We refer to “luxury private game lodge”, the new benchmark in exclusive accommodation and amenities in this country’s private game parks. There’s no need to describe other alternatives that don’t comply with benchmark standards.

High Fives at Our South African Big 5 Game Lodge Our South African game lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, is known as a Big 5 establishment, which is a name that draws visitors from near and far, and one of the reasons that accommodation at our lodge is in such high demand is our close association with these five wild animals. Of all the numerous species of game animals that occur naturally in South Africa, none have the allure of the world famous Big 5 – the African lion, African elephant, African leopard, Cape buffalo, and African rhino.

Luxurious Feast for your Senses in the Beautiful Bushveld The South African bushveld is a magical place, quite different from the natural wilderness areas found elsewhere the world that are still pristine and untainted by eco unfriendly human activities. Besides its immense diversity of unique indigenous people, fauna and flora, our bushveld has an atmosphere and vibe that you won’t find in another country or region.

A Realistic View of Accommodation Prices Amongst the Wildlife The popularity of private lodge accommodation in privately run, access-restricted wildlife reserves in South Africa has increased exponentially. This is a trend that continues to grow, driven by the demands of local and international tourists and wildlife enthusiasts who opt for luxury accommodation and amenities in an unspoiled, exclusive environment that is never overrun by noisy hordes of eager game spotters.

Sought-After 5-Star South African Waterberg Game Lodge  South Africa’s game parks and wildlife reserves have always been a drawcard for local visitors, those from abroad, and lovers of wildlife and the unique South African bushveld regions that are home to the wild creatures that inhabit such territories, where they can go about their existence as nature intended, before the advent of mankind’s activities that interfere/d with their wellbeing. As the lives and lifestyles of human beings have become ever more sophisticated, so too has the demand for (and receipt of) more complex and refined standards and preferences of accommodation options. This applies both when discerning persons are at home, and when they’re travelling or on holiday.

Big Five, Big Bucket-List Luxury Accommodation When one pauses to think somewhat out of the box, it’s not only our guests at Fifty Seven Waterberg’s private 5-star game lodge that are accommodated in the lap of luxury, the animals and other wild creatures are too, including the Big Five game species – the lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant.