Ranger Diaries

Welgevonden’s Luxury Lodge Accommodation If you prefer the luxury, superior service, quiet tranquillity, privacy, and limited number of guests that one finds at a boutique hotel, a typical hotel or self-catering guest house is definitely not your ideal accommodation solution. Instead, lodge accommodation should suit you perfectly, particularly when you are visiting a game- or nature reserve in southern Africa. It is best to choose one that has received five superb stars, like Fifty Seven Waterberg, which is situated in the private Welgevonden Game Reserve in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

Luxury Big Five Game Lodge Accommodation It does not matter who you are or where you are from, it is virtually inevitable that you will want to see the Big Five when you visit a game lodge in the Waterberg bushveld. No one can promise that you will get to see all members of the Big Five group, because like all other animals, game animals are often unpredictable.

Luxuries, Lodges, and More at Welgevonden Private Game Lodge Welgevonden Game Reserve is one of South Africa’s most scenic, beautiful, and game-rich wildlife conservation parks. In fact, Welgevonden was initially established in 1987 by combining several Waterberg farms. They removed the fences between them, to allow game to roam freely over a much larger area, and return indigenous game species that have gradually disappeared from this territory.

High Five for Big 5 Game Lodge Accommodation South African game reserves draw visitors from all over the world, and are vital to this country’s important tourism industry. Game reserves that feature the world-famous Big 5, and offer good accommodation options are popular. Private game reserves that offer 5-star, luxury game lodge accommodation, and opportunities to see the renowned Big 5 are simply tops.

A Shining Star Among Waterberg’s 5-Star Game Lodges Fifty Seven Waterberg is an exclusive 5-star game lodge, situated within the private Welgevonden Game Reserve, which is located in the Waterberg region of the Limpopo province in South Africa. As a 5-star game lodge, we are always mindful of maintaining, if not exceeding, the highest-standards required by our discerning guests, as well as the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA). The TGCSA is the body that regulates, assesses, evaluates, rates, and approves all establishments that apply and qualify for recognised grading.

Private Game Lodge Accommodation in Waterberg’s Welgevonden The word, Private Game Lodge Accommodation, may have several meanings. The term may refer to a private game lodge or private accommodation on one. It could also indicate a private game lodge, which is not open to the general public and offers its guests private accommodation. Therefore, it is secluded and removed from the view and sounds of other human occupation. In this case, private, is not intended for a mass market.

A Welgevonden Luxury Game Lodge Winner If you have been to one of Welgevonden’s premier 5-star game lodges, then you have truly experienced luxury. Welgevonden is a private game reserve that is home to a world-class game lodge in the Limpopo’s bushveld. Welgevonden means “well-found” in Dutch, the primary language from which Afrikaans evolved in South Africa during the 18th century.  Creation of a Large, Private Reserve  Welgevonden is a private game reserve, which has actively managed to conserve an area of around 35 000 hectares. This is considerably larger than most other private reserves. The current pristine, natural, and indigenous state of Welgevonden was achieved by combining several farms, which were adjacent to one another. Each one had its own boundary fence, which was owned, managed, and farmed completely independent of its counterparts.

Looking at Luxury Wildlife Accommodation What do you regard as being luxurious? Do you mainly associate luxury with expensive, branded goods and services, or do you have your own definition or personal understanding of luxury? Would you purchase an item or pay for an experience just because of its elevated price, or because someone famous has promoted its value and attributes?

Luxury Aplenty at Big Five Game Lodge There are no “ifs” and “buts” about the luxury of our Big Five luxury game lodge or the lovely luxury offered to all our guests here in the Waterberg. As far as the fauna and flora of our private game reserve are concerned, they also enjoy the best that nature has to offer, because of the area’s rich diversity in terrain, unblemished landscapes, undisturbed status, and water resources – everything Mother Nature and her subjects need to live a life of luxury.

How the Welgevonden Game Reserve was (Well) Found and Founded Visitors to Welgevonden Game Reserve and our private game lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg, which is located in the heart of the reserve, are both delighted and surprised to find such exclusive and luxurious accommodation in such a sizeable untamed part of the Limpopo Province, namely the Waterberg bushveld. Regularly, our valued guests are exceptionally generous in expressing their satisfaction pleasure, appreciation, and thanks to us for all we offer them at the lodge. We would not be too surprised to learn that some probably congratulate themselves with a resounding “well found” on their great choice of a superb destination.