Ranger Diaries

A Few Facts about a Fine 5-Star Lodge When asked what they missed most about South Africa while they were abroad, countrymen/women will refer to the vast African sky. In summer, it’s the most incredible shade of deep, bright blue during the day, unless it’s overcast, and the skyline seems to go on forever. At night, in any season, the canopy of stars above is breathtaking, becoming brighter and brighter the further one moves away from well-lit cities and human settlements.

Spoil Yourself with Some Exceptional Wildlife Accommodation in 2017 Perhaps the most meaningful New Year’s resolution that any South African should make and strive to keep is to spend less time in bemoaning the various difficulties that often confront the country and our daily lives, and instead to devote more of it to counting our blessings. We are privileged to dwell in a land that boasts imposing mountains, verdant valleys and thousands of kilometres of magnificent coastline, yet which is uniquely diverse with its contrasting bushveld scrub, and arid desert land. Bathed in sunshine for most of the year, it is also blessed with a rich biosphere that is home to countless species of plants and wild creatures, many of which are to be found nowhere else.

Experience Something Different in 2017 with this Luxury Accommodation When it’s time to take a break from the office grind and to say goodbye to the twice-daily commute for a week or so, there is probably no better way to spoil oneself than by making sure to book into a place that is renowned for its luxury accommodation. Traditionally, the South African hospitality industry has been recognised as world-class, offering levels of comfort and service that are hard to beat, and this is no less true in 2017. The advantage of an exchange rate that favours visitors from overseas has led to an increase in the number of foreign tourists, and the valuable hard currency that they bring with them has been providing the wherewithal for many in the industry to further upgrade their premises and, in the process, elevate the country to the status of a preferred international destination.

Why Not Experience the Big 5 in Luxury this Holiday? Like many South Africans, you have probably taken the family on a couple of day trips to a lion or rhino park in the past, and it’s pretty certain that you all thoroughly enjoyed yourselves. However, in terms of enjoying a true wildlife adventure, this is little more than a taster. Having had that taste, however, many of those weekend trippers are now keen on a chance to experience all of the Big 5 over a period of days, while spending their less-active periods in luxury at a well-appointed, bushveld safari lodge. Surely this has got to be one of the truly great ideas for the upcoming holiday?

It’s Time for a December Breakaway with Luxury Wildlife Accommodation The festive season is almost upon us and, now that the seasonal slow-down in work activities is providing us with the perfect opportunity to start planning a December breakaway, many South African families will already be shopping around for new swimsuits, body boards, some smart shades, sunscreen and insect repellent, as they prepare for the drive or a short domestic flight to one of the country’s coastal resorts. Among those who are not, quite a few are likely to be engaged in an online search for a lodge that offers them luxury wildlife accommodation in one of the nation’s many game reserves.

How to Combine an Awesome Wildlife Experience with Luxury Accommodation Given the celebrity status that is now enjoyed worldwide by Africa’s iconic Big Five, no safari adventure can really be regarded as complete if it does not offer the opportunity to spot each of this famed wildlife quintet. Among the regions of South Africa where this is possible, Limpopo has grown to become one of the most popular. As a result, this northernmost province now attracts large numbers of both local and international visitors throughout the year. To cope with this influx, there has been a parallel growth in guest accommodation and a portion of this has been aimed at those who would prefer to offset the demands of their bushveld venture with a touch of luxury.

How Would You Define a 5-Star Game Lodge? The excitement of a game drive is something that everyone should experience at some time, and South Africans are especially privileged to live in a country that offers so many opportunities to pursue what, for many of those living overseas, is likely to remain just a distant dream. Even on the outskirts of our cities, it is not too difficult to find a lion or cheetah park, or perhaps a crocodile farm where one can spend an hour or two viewing these exotic creatures in their natural habitat. Such a brief excursion, however, amounts to a mere taste of what is possible, should you decide, instead, to devote a full weekend to visiting one of the country’s larger wildlife reserves.

Luxury Accommodation and a Unique Wildlife Experience at 57 Waterberg Sadly, the future of many wild creatures has long been threatened by mankind’s growing need for space and its continued competition for natural resources. Urban sprawl, deforestation and environmental pollution have already decimated the populations of innumerable species, while some will never be seen again. Elephants and rhinos have been slaughtered without mercy, so that humans may profit from the sale of their tusks and horns, driving them ever closer to the brink of extinction.

Ensure Malaria-Free Accommodation for a Safe Bushveld Experience It is an alarming fact that the female anopheles mosquito is responsible for more human deaths than great white sharks, man-eating tigers, rogue elephants and all the alpha predators, plus venomous snakes, scorpions and poisonous spiders, put together. It is estimated that up to 550 million people may have contracted malaria in 2010 alone, and that as many as 1.24 million of those may have died. Such figures should certainly spur most people to give some serious thought to finding malaria-free accommodation when planning a bushveld adventure. In fact, this could prove to be a far more effective precaution than simply taking a chance on one of the, frequently unreliable, prophylactics recommended by a pharmacist or family doctor.

What Makes a 5-Star Game Lodge Experience? Given the continued weakness of our currency, fewer South Africans are able to enjoy overseas vacations than was the case in the past. Fortunately, the ailing rand has also made our country more attractive to international travellers, who are assured of exceptional value in exchange for their much-needed dollars and pounds.