Ranger Diaries

Private Game Lodge Accommodation Says and Delivers It All Private accommodation indicates that one’s lodging has two distinctive features – privacy, separate and away from others or not visible to them, and the expectation that being private, the accommodation is only available and exclusive to a few at a time, and not the public at large. Likewise, a private game reserve or game lodge is not open to the general public en masse; only those who have a confirmed booking to visit the reserve and/or make use of its superb private accommodation will be admitted. They are the exclusive guests of the private game lodge at which they’ve made a reservation. Because the accommodation is private, they also don’t have to share the rooms and private amenities with anyone else.

A 5-Star Lodge in a “Well-Found” (Welgevonden) Game Reserve It most certainly was a good find on the occasion when a landowning farmer in a section of the bushveld in the Waterberg region of Limpopo recognised the region’s future potential, specifically some 35 000 to38 200 hectares of this pristine wildlife paradise. This was an entire area which he subsequently turned into an excellent private game reserve, thereafter naming the newly found, larger area Welgevonden Game Reserve. “Welgevonden”, a Dutch word, means “well found”, as indeed was the case, as visitors to this beautifully natural bushveld region will attest. The original landowning farmer in question, one Pienkes du Plessis, was a visionary. During the 1980s, he farmed on one section of land, this being his farm called “Welgevonden”.

Our 5-Star, Big-5 Game Lodge You may already be aware of the origin of the term “Big 5”, as it is applied to game animals, but just in case you’re not, it’s always interesting to know how and where things began, where they are today, and what their future is likely to be.

5-Star Luxury in Your Pick of Limpopo’s Private Game Lodges Human beings are constantly striving to develop and improve all sorts of things that may make their own or the lot and future of mankind better and more comfortable, convenient, or luxurious in some way. Each generation wants better standards of living for themselves and the generations that are to follow.

A Private Wildlife Lodge in Big-Five Country There are various groups of five that are famous throughout English speaking countries and the rest of the big, wide world, which is becoming very much smaller, figuratively speaking, because of advances in technology and instant, global communication and dissemination of knowledge and information.

Luxury at a Bushveld Lodge in Limpopo One of the world’s best-known African game parks, the Kruger National Park, falls within two provinces in South Africa, Mpumalanga and Limpopo, but there’s another wonderful bushveld wildlife reserve in the latter province, but in a different part of it – in the Waterberg region.

Why We’ll Expect You at Our Wildlife Lodge in Waterberg There are numerous reasons that contributed to our decision to establish our luxury 5-star wildlife lodge where we subsequently did, in the Welgevonden Game Reserve. These reasons are as valid today as they were when we took over and improved upon Molenvliet Lodge, the erstwhile name of our lodge in Welgevonden.

Allure of Stars and Five-Star Luxury Accommodation In general, worldwide as well as in South Africa, stars are much admired and desired, in whichever way one regards these heavenly bodies – literally as well as figuratively. When someone has stars in her/his eyes, it implies that the person is excited, optimistic, eagerly anticipating, and extremely hopeful of experiencing the achievement of something of which they could once only have dreamed.

[vc_row][vc_column width='1/3'][/vc_column][vc_column width='2/3'] Denham's Bustard Previously known as Stanley’s bustard (Neotis denhami) and known in Xhosa as 'Epwezampundu'. The question everyone asks is “Why ‘Bustard’”? By pronunciation it's the same as ''bastard'' but with a different spelling and meaning. “Bustard” is a name adopted from the French...

High Fives to the Big 5 at Our Accommodation It may be mere coincidence or chance, or perhaps it’s some type of sign – who knows? The number 5 crops up all over the place at Fifty Seven Waterberg, like our luxury game lodge that offers so-called Big 5 game-viewing opportunities. However, before we explore the other fives, let’s take a look at the renowned Big 5 species that lend their number to our game lodge, its reserve, and our accommodation.