Ranger Diaries

A Realistic View of Accommodation Prices Amongst the Wildlife The popularity of private lodge accommodation in privately run, access-restricted wildlife reserves in South Africa has increased exponentially. This is a trend that continues to grow, driven by the demands of local and international tourists and wildlife enthusiasts who opt for luxury accommodation and amenities in an unspoiled, exclusive environment that is never overrun by noisy hordes of eager game spotters.

Sought-After 5-Star South African Waterberg Game Lodge  South Africa’s game parks and wildlife reserves have always been a drawcard for local visitors, those from abroad, and lovers of wildlife and the unique South African bushveld regions that are home to the wild creatures that inhabit such territories, where they can go about their existence as nature intended, before the advent of mankind’s activities that interfere/d with their wellbeing. As the lives and lifestyles of human beings have become ever more sophisticated, so too has the demand for (and receipt of) more complex and refined standards and preferences of accommodation options. This applies both when discerning persons are at home, and when they’re travelling or on holiday.

Big Five, Big Bucket-List Luxury Accommodation When one pauses to think somewhat out of the box, it’s not only our guests at Fifty Seven Waterberg’s private 5-star game lodge that are accommodated in the lap of luxury, the animals and other wild creatures are too, including the Big Five game species – the lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant.

Big 5 Wildlife Lodge Accommodation with the Wow Factor Increasing numbers of wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and seekers of bushveld peace and tranquillity, are discovering the Waterberg region and its 5-star lodge accommodation – in particular, the warm, typical South African hospitality that’s extended to lodge guests at Fifty Seven Waterberg. Add excellent opportunities to view the renowned Big 5, roaming freely in their natural habitat surrounding the main lodge, plus the individual guest accommodation suites, and one and all are sure to have the time of their lives during a wildlife experience to treasure.

The Opportunity, Anticipation and Excitement of Viewing the Big Five Nothing engenders so much eager anticipation and excitement among visitors to South Africa’s game reserves as does the prospect and actual sightings of the world famous Big Five, so named because the professional hunters of yesteryear considered these five species as being the most dangerous, hazardous and difficult to hunt successfully.

Luxuries in the Wilderness of a Wildlife Park Because there are so many items and concepts that may be defined as “luxury” or “luxurious”, one can label virtually anything as such, from lifestyle to motor vehicles, a meal or a wildlife park. The synonyms abound – grandeur, splendour, magnificence, lavish, extravagant, something fine and enjoyable that exceeds mere necessity, and may not always be freely available, and is therefore costly or expensive.

The Wonderful Waterberg Awaits You “Fifty Seven Waterberg” may not sound like the typical indigenous African name given to most exclusive game lodges in South Africa, by that’s about the only atypical African aspect of our lodge, which is located in in Welgevonden Game Reserve.

Your Destination of Choice for Luxurious Waterberg Accommodation If you have never visited the Waterberg region of Limpopo province, but only passed through the towns one encounters on the route to the northernmost part of South Africa, you don’t know what you have been missing. This begs the question – what makes the Waterberg so special, and why would one seek to acquire accommodation there?

Big 5 Wildlife and Luxury Accommodation Going on safari to view indigenous wildlife in largely unexplored territory, or setting out on a journey to hunt big game animals for trophy purposes, was nothing new 100 years or so ago. At the turn of the 19th century and during the first 30 or 40 odd years of the 20th century, undertaking an African safari was already all the rage amongst lovers of nature and adventurous travellers who could afford this privilege.

Beautiful Bushveld with Elegant Accommodation When visiting one of South Africa’s large national parks, many tourists who are unable to obtain lodgings in park rest camps, arrange accommodation outside the borders of the game reserve, taking day trips to view game within the park, and leaving again before the gates close for the night. However, for a true, authentic bushveld experience, one needs to spend at least a couple of nights within the bush, surrounded by untamed nature and all its creatures. Very little comes close to the sounds of the nocturnal animals’ calls and cries in the dark wilderness of the distinctive southern African bushveld. It’s an experience unlike any other in the world – one that is as memorable as the African continent itself.