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The Welgevonden Game Reserve – A Great Find Undoubtedly, the great Kruger National Park, one of the biggest, most iconic game reserves in the world, comes to mind when people speak of South African game parks. However, there are considerably more game conservancy areas than just the Kruger, and to an extent, we like it that way at Fifty Seven Waterberg, our private game lodge that is situated within the wonderful Welgevonden Game Reserve in the province of Limpopo in South Africa.

It’s High Fives for a 5-Star Limpopo Game Lodge When you’re a guest at our prestigious game lodge in Limpopo’s Welgevonden Game Reserve, you’ll immediately detect that you’re enjoying true, warm South African hospitality in a 5-star establishment, notwithstanding the fact that you’re in an untamed natural wilderness.

If Luxury Wildlife Accommodation Is Your Thing Unless you fancy a rough-and-ready spell in the South African bushveld, during which you have to rely on yourself, your own wits, and whatever shelter, food, supplies, and resources that you’ve managed to bring along with you in your vehicle, trailer, or at best, your caravan, you’ll require some other form of accommodation.

Welcoming Private Lodge Accommodation at Welgevonden’s Fifty Seven Waterberg When asked about game reserves in South Africa, many first think of the Kruger National Park, which is this country’s longest established, most well-known game park that has been open to the public since the early 1920s.

Casual Kit Meets Luxury at Private Waterberg Game Lodge By its very nature, and providing it is officially inspected, assessed, and graded accordingly by the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (the body tasked with this important function that, in part, helps to promote tourism in this country) a game lodge is expected to be somewhat luxurious.

Big 5 Habitat and a 5-Star Game Lodge Being known as a Big 5 game lodge is only one of the reasons why there is a great demand for accommodation at Fifty Seven Waterberg in the Waterberg region of the Limpopo Province. Nonetheless, the appeal, allure, excitement, and anticipated adventure of observing these famous, fabulous Big 5 game species behaving naturally, in their natural, untamed habitat and environment is an unparalleled experience.

Wildlife Accommodation with a Wow Effect in the Waterberg The African bushveld has an allure that is totally unique. Among its other characteristics, it is this attraction, mystery, and fascination that draws people in from near, far, and wide. There are the sounds, smells, and sensations of being part of nature as it is meant to be: natural and devoid of signs and sights of human habitation and human intervention.

Lovely Luxury at a Private Game Lodge in Limpopo Star rating in this country is accomplished in accordance with the grading criteria of the TGCSA (Tourism Grading Council of South Africa), the official body tasked with inspecting, assessing, and evaluating establishments that apply for nationally and internationally recognised, accepted, and trustworthy star grading.

Big Five Game Lodge in the Big Five Country Fifty Seven Waterberg, our exclusive, luxurious, and private game lodge in Welgevonden Private Game Reserve is in Big Five country, where our guests’ chances of spotting all five are pretty good – much better than average. The reasons for this welcome phenomenon are multiple and varied.