Ranger Diaries

Big News from Our Big Five Game Lodge As a premier five-star South African Big Five game lodge, located in the magnificent, private Welgevonden Game Reserve in the Limpopo Province, we have big news to share with our valued former, current, and future guests, all of whom we hope to welcome again, time after time.

Welcoming Welgevonden Luxury Lodge Accommodation When there is mention of lodge accommodation in the South African bushveld, the world-renowned Kruger National Park, and the immediate area which surrounds it, may spring to mind initially, because the Kruger is one of the biggest and longest established game reserves on the African continent.

Luxurious, Private, Intrinsically African – Fifty Seven Waterberg Game Lodge Private establishments, like game lodges, and private facilities and services, such as those which form part of the guest services and experience at private game lodges in South Africa, were once primarily just that – reserved for invited guests and those who made reservations for accommodation, and not open or accessible to the general public.

Big 5 Game Lodge in Big 5 Territory There are virtually only a few aspects pertaining to our Big 5 game lodge that are not big, other than the small or tiny creatures, which play an integral role in our environment and ecosystem. Even the smallest details that enhance the quality and enjoyment of guests receive meticulous attention at our luxurious, 5 star Big 5 game lodge, Fifty Seven Waterberg.

Bushveld Accommodation in the Lap of Luxury Luxury and luxury accommodation in the bushveld is by no means a given fact, particularly in unspoiled bushveld areas where wildlife is plentiful and is not hunted by man – a scenario which should be the norm, but is not.

Advantages of Limiting Guest Accommodation at Welgevonden Game Reserve Welgevonden Game Reserve is a private game park in the Waterberg area of the Limpopo Province in South Africa, a veritable bushveld and nature conservation paradise, both for the wildlife that lives there, and visitors of the reserve.

57 Waterberg, a Luxury Game Lodge in Africa Most of the select game lodges, which are situated in Welgevonden Game Reserve in the Waterberg region of the Limpopo Province in South Africa, have typically African names, derived from indigenous African words, which is charming and evocative of the mighty continent of Africa.

Experience All That is Special at Welgevonden Going on a getaway to a South African game reserve is a treat; it is special. However, a trip to the Waterberg’s Welgevonden Game Reserve, and spoiling yourself with five-star accommodation, and a whole lot more,  at Fifty Seven Waterberg, our private game lodge in this reserve, is special beyond mere words.

Selection and Stars of Welgevonden’s Game Lodges Lodges have featured in literature, folk tales, and in reality, throughout the world and for many centuries. Wherever lodges were found, they were primarily places that offer shelter from the elements, wild animals, or people bent on robbing weary travellers, in addition to being a source of refreshment, relaxation, and rest, in safety.

Accommodation for Big Five Species Plus 5-Star Lodge Guests The world-renowned Big Five truly are big. For the most part, they are big in stature, but always in reputation, strength, abilities, and natural, wild beauty. They are always a huge drawcard too. Everyone wants to see the Big Five in their natural habitat, each behaving as though the human visitors, who are so delighted to view them, do not exist.